Best Fish and chips around the world

Celebrating National Fish and Chips Day

Its national fish and chips day today 3rd June 2016 so here at Go Easy Travel we thought we would take a look around the world and see where you can find the nations favourite food when you are travelling the world. After all Fish and Chips can be found worldwide but where can you find it just like they serve up here in good old Blighty?

Fuengirola, Spain – Mr Crispy Cod
Voted one of the best fish and chips shops in the area and offers a 10 reasons why you should try their fish and chips, the first point being satisfaction guarantee. Some great customer reviews including one from the site that says “We travel regularly all the way from Granada which is a 2 hour trip especially to get our fix for these wonderful fish and chips!” Try them then tweet them @crispycod_
Lyon, France – Made in Fish
This fish and chip shop boast 100% freshly caught wild fish from the open sea and they even have a stock of English ales to wash down your fresh fish. Try them and tweet them @madeinfish
New York – Salt and Battery
REcently featured in “In Search of Perfection”. with Heston Blumenthal claiming it was perfection as far as thier fish and chips was concerned. Deffinitely one to try when in the Big Apple @asaltandbattery

Drop us a note below and tell us about your favourite Fish and Chips shops on your travels.