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Egypt as a holiday destination offers the visitor many sights and experiences. No matter your age, Egypt will leave you with everlasting memories of it’s historical sights and wonderful beaches. Combine all the sights of Egypt for a multi center holiday, giving you a taste of Egypt and a well earned rest at the end of the holiday.

With over 5000 years of history the country has many amazing monuments to visit as well as the tombs and relics of its pharaohs. It is the perfect holiday to combine culture with rest and relaxation at the beach. The most popular holidays being twin centres with a visit to Luxor or Cairo and then to the beach. Cairo offers the wonderful museums and the famous Pyramids, whilst Luxor sets the scene for a romatic boat ride down the Nile and a cultural visit to the valley of the kings to name just one of the many sights that will be seen on a Nile Cruise.

Family Holiday Egypt

Egypt has become one of the most popular destinations for families in the winter. It’s climate at the Red Sea is perfect in October or early April and the choice of accommodation is extensive. From small boutique hotels, bed and breakfasts, self catering apartments and villas to luxury 5 star hotels and fantastic all inclusive resorts.

Most hotels of 4 star and above offer children’s clubs to keep your children entertained during the holiday. Excellent Childcare and kids clubs, What more could you ask for? Child care on holiday and hot sunshine a family holiday for everyone. Opened in November 2010, the New Club MED resort at Taba Heights with a spa and fitness center just perfect for all the family.
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Top Tips on what to do in Egypt

Cairo – Visit the Sound and light show held every evening for a cost of approximately £30 per person. The light show tells the story of the Pharaohs complete with special effects with the Pyramids used as the stunning back drop.
Sharm El Sheikh – take a day away from the beach and visit Sinai the traditional home of the Bedouin tribes and experience a camel ride and Bedouin dinner. Alternatively a Quad tour replaces the transport of a Camel with a 4WD bike.
Hurghada – Take a day away from the beach with a visit to the historical city of Luxor and visit the sights of The Valley of the Kings and the Nile.
Luxor – Take a 3 night short cruise down the Nile to Aswan and visit the temples and historic sights on route.

Honeymoons in Egypt

If you don’t want to go far for your honeymoon but want to have some relaxation at the beach but also take in some sights then Egypt is always an excellent choice. The beach destination of the Red sea offers many resorts from Taba in the North all the way down to El Gouna in the south. Combine the beach with a 3 or 7 night cruise on the Nile and then a visit to Cairo to see the Pyramids and sample the hectic night life of Cairo.
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Weddings in Egypt

It is possible to get married inEgypt however you will need to spend at least 3 working days in Cairo before the wedding to complete all the necessary paper work. Firstly you will need to organise an Affidavid at the Embassy in Cairo to make statutory declarations, before a consular officer, that you are free to marry. Approximate cost of this is £36 and £5Egyptian pounds. Original documents of passports and any divorce documents if previously married.
Applications to be handed during our opening hours Sunday-Thursday from 09:00 to 13:00hrs
Appointments for collection will be scheduled on Wednesdays between 09:00hrs to 12:00 hrs
Statutory declarations then need to be taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the consular officer’s signature and stamp to be legalised (the fee is approximately 22 Egyptian pounds per document).
Once this stamp and signature have been obtained the couple must go to the Notary Public’s Office Cairo, for a civil marriage.
If you require full details on getting Married in Egypt and all documents required please speak to one of our Overseas wedding planners to help plan you beach Wedding Abroad

Diving Holidays in the Red Sea – Egypt

If you are a diving enthusiast then there are many sites to dive as well as snorkelling just moments from the shore. check out the famous Blue Hole at Dahab or the the world class dive sites further south at Marsa Alam such as the two islands Big Brother and Little brother where you can spot predators.

Golf Holidays In Egypt

Golf was first introduce by the British in the 1880’s but it has only been in the last decade that the sport has really developed with the introduction of 14 golf courses throughout Egypt. You can even play golf in the shadow of the Pyramids at the Mena House Golf Club or on an island in the Nile at Egypts oldest course the Gezira Sporting club. The first course to open on the Red Sea coast was the Martin Jolie Ville Golf Resort at Sharm El Sheikh and then the Sinai Peninsula at Taba Heights golf Resort in 2007.
Egypt is the perfect golf destination for those who want a mixture of a family holiday with a little golf. the main golfing season is from May to September when the days are a little cooler.
If you fancy beach and Golf in Egypt the check out the golf course at Taba Heights Golf Course or in the Sharm El Sheikh Area the Sharm El Sheikh Golf Course
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Other Sporting Activities in Egypt: If Golf, Diving or sightseeing is not your kind of holiday then Egypt has a host of other activities such as; Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sailing, Parasailing, water-skiing, Snorkelling, Fishing, Horse and camel Back rides and the desert on wheels to name but a few.  For more information contact one of our agents at goeasytravel on 0844 811 2550

When to go to Egypt

Depending on where you are travelling to Egypt the best time to visit. However Summer in Egypt is between June and August which is the low season for Egypt. December to February is the tourist high season and the most pleasant time to visit, particularly for a Nile cruise. March to May or September to November are possibly the best months for any area in Egypt.

Currency in Egypt
The local currency is the Egyptian pound. Credit cards are accepted by most retailers and hotels and money can be exchanged within your hotel or at one of the many banks.

Visa and General information on Egypt
Visitors who stay confined to the area of the Sinai between Sharm el Sheik and Taba receive a free of charge entry stamp valid for 14 days. All other UK visitors require a visa on arrival at a cost of USD$15 which is valid for 3 months for a single entry stay.
No vaccinations are compulsory but please check with your local GP. Only drink bottled water and be aware of some foods that may have been washed by tap water such as salads.

Car hire and renting a car in Egypt

When driving in Egypt car should be taken as the country has one of the highest statistics of road fatalities per miles driven in the world. In particular it can be a challenge to drive in Cairo due to the volume of cars on the very hectic roads.
The drivers who just want to get from A to B as quickly as possible often ignore what traffic rules that are in place.
Any visiting Americans thinking about driving in Cairo should carefully consider the options, take the utmost precautions, and drive defensively. Drivers should be prepared for unlit vehicles at night, few if any road markings, vehicles travelling at high rates of speed, vehicles travelling the wrong way on one-way streets, divided highways, and connecting ramps, pedestrians constantly dodging in and out of traffic and a variety of animals.

As most traffic lights in Cairo often do not work, policemen who use finger movements to indicate which cars may move replace them. You must also keep a look out for pedestrians who often cross the roads at the craziest of places. Pay particular attention when in Cairo ‘s Corniche Street, which is beside the east bank of the Nile River.

Care should also be taken after the fall of winter rains as the roads cannot cope with the heavy rainfall and therefore leads to localised flooding and extremely slippery roads.
It is compulsory to where a seat belt when driving in Egypt.

Car hire in Egypt is available from all the major airports and cities. Rent a car in Egypt and visit the local sites and the wonderful beaches of Egypt. Cairo airport car hire with rental desks in terminal, car hires Alexandra in the city with goeasy holiday car hire. Call or email for your quotation.

Essential Facts for Egypt

Capital city – Cairo
Currency – Egyptian Pound
Flight Time – Average from London 4 to 5 hours.
Time difference – GMT +2 or +3hours

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Country Egypt
Languages spoken English, Arabic
Currency Egyptian Pound
Visa requirements Tourist Visa on arrival

Sports and nature

Watersports, sailing, water-skiing, Windsurfing, quad biking, golf, diving, snorkeling. The Red Sea offers divers many sites to visit along with "Live aboard" boarding options.


Various bars and discos are available throughout Egypt including Night Clubs on the beach on the Red Sea Coast

Culture and history

Egypt is steeped in history and offers a whole host of ancient sites to go and visit in various parts of the country. Visit the Pyramids just outside Cairo, Hahjit Sues Palace and the valley of the Kings in Luxor or take a cruise down the Nile to Aswan and stop at the various Temples enroute.

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