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Greece borders Albania, Bulgaria and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the north, and Turkey to the east. Its beaches overlook the Ionian and Aegean seas. With 166 inhabited islands and a landscape that ranges from Mediterranean to Balkan.   The sun-soaked coastline stretches over 13,676km (8,498 miles), providing some of the most magnificent and attractive beaches in the world. The landscape of Greece incorporates a remarkable variety: from the poplar strewn plains of Macedonia, to the gentle coastal hills of Peloponnesia. It’s the simple pleasures of these landscapes and of the country’s climate and food that make Greece special for most visitors. Whether you’re fascinated by ancient Greece and long to see the historic sites of Athens, Rhodes and Delphi, or escaping it all in the fun-filled Greek islands,This timeless land boasts a 5000-year history, encompassing the legendary such as Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi and the Parthenon in Athens and the obscure, this unique history combined with beautiful sunshine and beaches the sense of living legend is a truly unforgettable experience.

Accommodation, Self Catering, Luxury Hotels in Greece

The Hellenic Tourism Organization authorizes the construction and classification of hotels and self catering apartments throughout Greece. Hotels and self catering apartments are officially categorized from “Luxury” down to “E-class”, and all except the top category have to keep within set price limits. Hotels classification falls under specific technical prerequisites such as surface of rooms, variety, spaciousness of amenities offered (including lobby, restaurants, shops etc.) and services provided by the hotel. In resorts and throughout the islands, you have the additional option of privately let rooms (dhomtia). These are again officially controlled and are divided into three classes (A-C). They are usually somewhat cheaper than hotels, and are in general spotlessly clean. Villa rentals and yacht charters are also popular in Greece.

Weddings and Honeymoons in Greece and the Greek Islands

Greece Poros IslandWeddings in Greece are very popular as a result of the many movies filmed on the various islands in Greece. The cliff tops of some islands provide stunning backdrops for those Wedding pictures to remember. It is very easy to organise a wedding in Greece which is why more and more couples choose either the Mainland of Greece or one of the Greek islands as their choice of destination for their marriage ceremony. Weddings can be held at the following locations: Rhodes – Filerimos which is on a Cypress topped hill offering a peaceful spot with great views of the island and the Aegean Sea. Your vows will be said beside a large stone cross on the ruins of an old monastery. Rhodes – Kalithea Springs is an area famous for the springs which the ancient Greeks claimed to have healing powers. Now it is a series of circular buildings with a Moorish modern look. The marriage takes place in the Spa dom which is with grand arches, tiled floors and whitewashed walls with loads of sunshine coming into the room they offer a typical greek romantic feel Rhodes Town Hall – Ceremonies here take place either in the wedding room on the second floor or in the small chapel at the entrance to the building. The mayor of the town takes the ceremony in Greek and English and this wedding is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 6pm and 8pm in the evening. St Pauls Bay – This is a lovely area to marry with a tiny whitewashed chapel as the backdrop for the wedding and the dramatic views of the sea below and the UNESCO protected Acropolis in the other direction. Kos – Traditional House wedding in the quaint village of Andimachia. These traditional houses of a very Greek setting with a stone built house and pretty terrace for photographs. Kos Town Hall – the town hall is located in the harbor area of Kos Town which is an Italian style building with its close proximity to the harbor and Castle makes it the perfect spot for Photographs. Lofaki Restaurant Kos – This is a lovely spot that offers a hillside restaurant in a prime location just outside Kos Town. Here there is a flower covered arch in the grounds where the marriage ceremony can take place by the mayor and the registrar. Crete – Aghios Nickolas Lake – This is a pretty location to say I do on an area at the side of the lake the mayor or the deputy mayor will take you through your vows in English. The water is dotted with small fishing boats and makes a great backdrop for photographs. According to mythology the goddesses Athena and Artemis Britomartis bathed in this lake. Corfu – Ipsos Town Hall – this is a perfect option if you are staying in Dassia or Barbati as you can take a glass bottomed boat to the town hall. From the harbor it is only a short walk to the Town hall of Ipsos and the beach is only a few steps away for photographs after the ceremony. Kassiopi Town Hall – The town hall of Kassiopi is on the top of a hill with views of Kouloura Bay up to the northeast coast of Corfu. If you love views this is the place for you as many a painter has sat and painted wonderful watercolours of the views and sea below. Very close to the village of Kalami with it’s pretty traditional houses and tavernas. Other town halls in Corfu are Messonghi, Parelion and Sidari Zante – Akropolis Venue – is a family run establishment with a pretty garden with a perfect setting of Palm, banana and olive trees with traditional Grecian Columns, a water fountain and rustic Greek stone ware. Alexandra Beach – Here you can have your ceremony on the beach on a wooden platform or in the grounds of the hotel or on the hotels terrace. The Balcony – On a beautiful balcony overlooking the bay of Tslivi and the neighbouring island of Kefalonia this is a very romantic spot offering a wonderful backdrop to say  I do A short ceremony is held in Greek and English where your guests can watch from

Honeymoon In Greece

Greece is also a perfect destination for a honeymoon for those couples getting married in the summer months and not wishing to travel too far for the honeymoon. As a destination Greece also offers many options for honeymoons with its competitively priced accommodation up to the most wonderful luxury hotels in the world. For something a little different on your honeymoon consider some of these luxury hotels in Greece. Luxury hotels in Greece Greece has a wonderful selection of luxury hotels to choose from throughout the mainland and on the islands. From small luxury boutique hotels to large luxury complexes offering families several types of accommodation to choose from and the added facilities such as kids clubs. Here are just a few luxury hotels to consider

Family Beach Holidays and Kids clubs Greece

Greece hydraFamily beach holidays are very popular in Greece and the islands of Greece. Many tour operators offer package holidays to all destinations in Greece using charter flights from the UK and Europe. There are many hotels in Greece that offer excellent child care and kids clubs. In particular companies such as Club Med, Mark Warner Holidays, Sunsail Family holidays and Thomson. Gay travel has excellent rates with these operators and can save you money with your family holiday to Greece.

Restaurants & Food in Greece

Greek Cuisine and restaurants in Greece are simple and straightforward. There’s no snobbery about eating out; everyone does it, In choosing a restaurant, the best strategy is to go where the Greeks go – and they go late: 2 to 3pm for lunch, 9 to 11pm for dinner. There are two basic types: the estiatório and the taverna. Estiatória specialize in the more complicated, oven-baked casserole dishes, like moussakás and pastítsio, stews like kokinistó and stifádho,yemistá (stuffed tomatoes or peppers), the oily vegetable casseroles called ladherá, and oven-baked meat and fish. Tavernas are much more common in Greece. The primitive ones have a very limited menu, but the more established will offer some of the main dishes mentioned above as well as the standard taverna fare, which essentially means mezédhes(hors d’uvres) and tis ras (meat and fish fried or grilled to order).

Weather in Greece and the Greek Islands

The dominant condition of Greece’s climate is the alternation between hot, dry summers and cold, damp winters typical of the Mediterranean. But a considerable local variation results from elevation and distance from the sea. Generally, continental influences are felt farther north and in the center of the mainland. For a beach holiday in Greece the best months to visit are from June to October when it is the sunniest and the hottest time of the year. If visiting Greece between November and the end of May some rainy days and cool temperatures can be experienced.

Banks and Currency in Greece

Greek currency is The Euro, traveler’s checks and Eurocheques are widely accepted, as are most credit cards, including American Express, Diner’s Club, Eurocard, MasterCard and Visa. Many automated teller machines are tied to international networks, such as Cirrus and Plus. Banking Hours Monday to Friday, 08:00-13:00. After these hours or during weekends and public holidays you may do your banking through the ATM Interbanking System, or exchange currency through ATM machines, usually situated in central spots. You can cash your traveler’s cheques in all Greek and foreign banks, exchange bureaus and big hotels, but do not forget to have your passport with you. Identification is necessary for the transaction.

Visa Requirements for Greece

Nationals of Australia, Canada, Cyprus, EU countries, the European principalities of Monaco and San Marino, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the USA and most South American countries are allowed to stay in Greece for up to three months without a visa; most others can enter Greece for up to two months without a visa; Greece will refuse entry to anyone whose passport indicates that, since November 1983, they have visited North Cyprus

Driving a car hire in Greece

Greece Poros IslandCars have obvious advantages for getting to the most inaccessible parts of mainland Greece. If you drive your own vehicle through Greece you’ll need international third-party insurance, and it’s best to have an international driver’s license. Speed limits are 50kph in town, 100kph on motorways and 80kph on other roads. The Automobile and Touring Club of Greece (ELPA) operates a 24hr breakdown service on major roads, and a 7am-10pm service elsewhere; the number for assistance is tel 104. Check out our car hire rates.

Driving tips in Greece.

Many roads are three lanes wide: the middle lane is used for passing in both directions. If there is little room to pass on the road, fast drivers expect slow drivers to pull onto the shoulder in order to let them by. All fines are paid to the public treasury and not to the local police officer.  If you would like to rent a car in Greece, Goeasy Travel has arranged the best value car rentals for you, just call or email for your personal quotation.

Events in Greece, Things to do

Art and culture, the delight of good food and music, traditional crafts and You The Greek year is a succession of festivals and events, some of which are religious, some cultural, others just an excuse for a good celebration. In various regions of Greece Carnivals are held which have as their main characteristic the distinctive local colour and the people’s intention to keep the tradition alive. The Carnival celebration usually begins on Tsiknopempti with a series of cultural, theatrical and other events. The participants are masquerade parties, float parades, majorettes, ballet groups and music bands etc. which fill the streets, theatres, cultural centres and squares of the whole country. The celebrations reach their climax with the traditional party (Koulouma) on Ash Monday, when a kite-flying spectacle takes place. You cannot come to Greece and not go to one of its many cultural events, at one of its ancient or modern theatres. For information about programs and timetables on major cultural events.

Greece Tours

5 DAY TOUR (4 nights) – From only £920 pp or Tour only from £589 pp 1 night Athens Then start your Prehistory classical tour, seeing the Roman domination, the Byzantine Empire, the Crusades and Modern times: Greece through the centuries will unfold before you on this three day tour. 1 night Olympia 1 night Delphi 1 night Athens 8 DAY TOUR (7 nights)– From only £1435 pp or Tour only from £1039 pp 2 nights Athens Athens sightseeing with Acropolis Museum. Then start your Prehistory classical tour, seeing the Roman domination, the Byzantine Empire, the Crusades and Modern times: Greece through the centuries will unfold before you on this four day tours. 4 day round trip with Meteora – as above. 2 night Athens – with a full day Saronic Gulf cruise with lunch. 7 DAY TOUR (6 nights) – From only £1235 pp or Tour only from £870 pp 2 nights Athens Athens sightseeing with Acropolis Museum. Then start your Prehistory classical tour, seeing the Roman domination, the Byzantine Empire, the Crusades and Modern times: Greece through the centuries will unfold before you on this four day tours. Four day round trip with Meteora. 1 night Olympia 1 night Delphi 1 night Meteora 1 night Athens Essential Information on Greece Capital City – Athens Currency – Euro Electricity – 220V Flight time – Average flight time from London 3 to 4 hours. Time Difference – 27 March to October 30 GMT +3 Hours otherwise +2 hours For more information vist the Greek Tourist Board

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