Lithuania, Europe

Lithuania, Europe

Things to do - general

A holiday in Lithuania might not be the first choice for everyone but as a country it has it all. Wonderful white beaches, historic sites and bustling cities with many shops, bars and restaurants to choose from. An excellent way to see the country would be on a fly drive with flights into Vilnius or Kaunus and then rent a car to explore the country.  The largest of the 3 baltic states, it is situated on the south east of the Baltic sea and offers some wonderful sights from beach to city with beautiful landscape and pretty lakes and forests. Lithuania has many a tale to tell including winning it’s independence from Russia and which are now part of the EU.

Things to do and See in Lithuania

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and sits surrounded by hills and the tower of Gediminas’ Castle. The city has many bars and restaurants and shops to visit and it’s wonderful buildings and cobbled streets make it picture perfect.
Trakai is another pretty area to visit only 25km from Vilnius city centreTrakai was the former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and is home to the Peninsula Castle which sits on the side of the lake. Trakai is very pretty and worth a visit when staying in the capital city, Vilnius.

Kaunas is a city with something for everyone on offer with it’s 16th century buildings and secluded parks. The city is vibrant with many shops, bars and restaurants. Shopping is particularly good for shoes and ladies clothing where prices are very low. Things to see in Kaunas include the Devils Museum where you can see the macabre collection of nearly 3,000 devils. Or the Circle of 9 forts which was constructed during Russian rule with the ninth fort a commemoration museum to those that died in the second world war.

A visit to the hills of crosses will be an experience you remember, it was thought to have started in the 14th Century and now there are thousands of crosses situated on this hill which you are free to wander and explore.

If beach is your choice of holiday then a visit to the Curonian Spit will not disappoint. The area is one of the best beaches in Lithuania offering white sand beaches and sand dunes. The Curion Spit offers many things for the visitor to do and see such as canoe in the Lagoon, blokarting on the beach, bicycle hire from only £5 per day and sometimes yoga on the beach.

There are many other areas to visit in Lithuania and this link Lithuania Countryside will provide you with more information.

Accommodation, Hotels in Lithuania

Accommodation in Lithuania is varied from camping chalet style accommodation, self catering apartments to luxury 5 star hotels. If you are looking for comfort then a minimum of 4 star is recomended as some of the hotels are very dated, however more and more new hotels are being built by the larger hotel brands.

Eating out in Lithuania

Food in Lithuania is simple with a Russian influence. There are many western restaurants and cafes to try but when in Rome as they say consider trying some of the local dishes such as fried bread sticks with cheese, beetroot soup or balandeliai. If you like beer then chose between a pint of local light, dark or a live honey beer.

Car hire and Driving in Lithuania

Driving is on the right hand side of the road in Lithuania. Speed limits are 30 to 50kph in Urban areas with 60 to 90KPH on dual carriage ways and 112kph on divided motorways.

Motorists must drive with their headlights on at all times 24 hours of the day. It is illegal to sound the car horn in towns and villages. Driving fines must be paid at the bank in Estonia and Latvia but in Lithuania fines are paid on the spot.

For more information on Lithuania, contact the Lithuania Tourist Board

Country Lithuania
Languages spoken Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, English
Currency Lithuanian litas
Visa requirements No Visa required for stays of up to 2 months and UK passport must be valid for same period of time.

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