Poland, Europe

Poland, Europe

Things to do - general

Poland is one of those destinations you have to visit to experience the old and the new. History is what Poland is all about mixed with the new vibrant cities of Krakow, Gdansk and of course Warsaw. Take the time to explore the cities, visit the coast by car hire or use the trains to get around and explore the large land mass of Poland. A Holiday in Poland is possible year round due to the temperature being similar to the UK. Visit the long coast line and the various beaches of Poland at the height of the summer in the months of July and August.

When to go to Poland, Best time to visit

The best time to visit Poland for the weather and sunshine is in the months of July and August, however temperatures are good from May to October. The temperatures can be cool from November to March with some snow and ice in the coldest months of December and January.

Accommodation in Poland, from cheap to Luxury Hotels

Poland offers a variety of accommodation from Cheap budget hotels to luxury brand hotels and international chains. If staying in the city of Krakow then why not consider renting an apartment for your stay in the city which are becoming more popular and can often be a cheap way of visiting the city of Krakow. Apartment rentals in Krakow

Things to do in Poland

Poland offers a choice of museums, war memorials, restaurants, bars and famous war sites such as the prisoner of war camp, Auschwitz.

Driving tips in Poland and Hiring a Car in Poland

Driving is on the right hand side in Poland. Speed limits in Poland are 60KPH in urban areas, outside built up areas 90KPH and 110KPH on motorways.  On the spot fines are applied for speeding and other traffic fines. Headlights must be used at all times of the day between November and March.  Seat belts are compulsory in front and rear of vehicles at all times. Call for your personal quotation for car hire deals in Poland.

For more information browse the official website for the Poland Tourist Board

Country Poland
Languages spoken Polish English
Currency Polish złoty
Visa requirements No Visa required for UK passport holders.

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