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South Africa

South Africa is an immense country, extending nearly 2000km from the Limpopo River in the north to Cape Agulhas in the south and nearly 1500km from Port Nolloth in the west to Durban in the east.
Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Swaziland run from west to east along South Africa’s northern border and Lesotho rises above the grassland towards the south-east.
The size of France and Spain combined! That is the attraction as it varies from the picturesque Garden Route towns of the Western Cape to the raw stretch of subtropical coast in northern KwaZulu-Natal.

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The popular Garden Route region’s flora is spectacular, with windflowers from peaceful lilies to raging red-hot pokers in the grasslands.  Weird succulents bloom after spring rains, and one of the world’s six floral kingdoms, –the Cape Floristic region adds to the Western Cape.

Large areas in the north are covered by savanna-type vegetation, characterised by acacias and thorn trees. There are forest remnants along the southern coast as well as in the north-east.

South Africa is not a land through which you travel – it is a land through which you roam. Vast and untamed. With a natural glory that is some of the best-preserved on the African continent.

South Africa SunsetThe vistas are ever-changing from farmlands offering vineyards and safari’s to deserts and forests, to winter snow-capped peaks down to wide, unspoiled beaches and coastal wetlands. This makes South Africa the beautiful sprawling land of unequaled splendor and diversity.

Visit this land of wonder. Rediscover nature and experience this living example of the triumph of unity over diversity. Hire a car to explore the wonder-filled wilderness, an intricate network of good roads. Equally, a wide range of airstrips ensure that even some of the most remote areas in the country are accessible. Forge a new bond with nature. And see all manner of wonderful creatures: The famous Big 5, wildebeest, kudu, giraffe, hyena, as well as wild dog – once almost extinct. In these reserves, nature holds sway.

Unspoiled. Untarnished. The land is as it has always been – and as it shall always remain.

South Africa CapeTown

Weather in South Africa

It really depends on what you want to do when in South Africa but as a basic guide Spring is best for flowers in the Cape area, July to October for Whale Watching in Hermanus area, September to October for Game viewing, For the beaches mid-summer, diving any time outside summer (i.e April to September)

Autumn (fall)  mid-February to April in South Africa offers in some ways the best weather. Very little rain falls over the whole country, and it is warm but not too hot, getting colder as the season progresses. 

Winter – May to July The hot, humid KwaZulu-Natal coast, as well as the Low-level (lower-lying areas) of Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces, offer fantastic winter weather with sunny, warmish days and virtually no wind or rain. The Cape area gets most of the rain at this time of year.

Spring – (August to mid-October) this is the best time to see the flowers in the Cape area and the weather is perfect for touring the Cape route.

Summer Mid October to Mid February this is the hottest time of year to travel to South Africa and the perfect time for visiting the beach. Consider Cape Town for Campsbay beach stay with city and beach fun or drive out to the Garden Route and enjoy the many water activities and thrill-seeking ziplining or bungee jumping on offer.

Safari Picnics South Africa

Accommodation options in South Africa

Many visitors are pleasantly surprised by South Africa’s excellent infrastructure, which draws a favourable comparison with countries such as Australia or the United States. Good air links and bus networks, excellent roads and a growing number of first-class B&Bs make South Africa a perfect touring country. Request more information by email for South Africa.

Accommodation ranges from the most exclusive 5-star Hotels, Boutique Hotels, resorts, and luxury game lodges, right through to Bed & Breakfast, Backpacker lodges, and Hostels. South Africa’’s choice of accommodation – especially in the popular tourist centers – is exceptional and offers something to suit everybody’s needs, tastes, and budget.

The national grading classification scheme is under revision. This will guarantee a classified system of standards that are overseen by inspectors on an ongoing basis. It is advisable to reserve well in advance during the high season, i.e., the summer holidays around Christmas and Easter, especially for the main holiday resorts (Cape Town, National Parks, Garden Route).

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Eating Out in South Africa

South Africa doesn’’t really have a consistent indigenous cuisine, although attempts have been made to elevate Cape Cuisine to this status. Traditional African food tends to focus around the stiff grain porridge (similar to Italian polenta) accompanied by meat or vegetable-based sauces.  Among white South Africans, Afrikaners have evolved a style of cooking known as boerekos (farmer’s food) that tends to be cholesterol-rich and can be heavy-going if you’re not used to it.

With its thousands of kilometers of coast, South Africa is blessed with a vast array of seafood.  From oysters, lobsters, mussels to numerous species of fish –and this is where you should focus your culinary attention. Homegrown vegetables and fruit are of a high standard too and Meat is also very popular with the BBQ (South African Braai) featuring often. Don’t be surprised to see some unusual animals on the menu! Look out for Cape Cuisine when in Cape Town a new style of the cuisine of mild and sweet curries introduced from the Muslim communities.

In all the major cities you’’ll find reasonably priced restaurants covering an ever-increasing range of international styles and local adaptations. Familiar brands can e found in the cities but visit local independent restaurants for that something different.

South Africa Golf

Golf in South Africa

South Africa was made for golf or maybe it was golf that was made for South Africa. Whichever it has a lot to offer the avid golfer from coastal golf courses to inland resorts with lush mountain backdrops. The Garden Route is home to several of the top 10 courses in South Africa and a great starting point for the first visit to this golfing destination.

From individuals to couples to large groups our golf department can assist with your Golf Holiday

South Africa Honeymoon

South Africa is a fantastic destination for a honeymoon as it offers so much to the visitor from sightseeing, Safaris, Beach, Wine Tours, City shopping and nightlife. The list is endless and the choice can be overwhelming.

Plan the perfect honeymoon to South Africa with one of our travel advisors. Go Easy Travel offers a full service for those couples wishing to get married in South Africa and hold their wedding in a Game Reserve or on a beautiful Vin Yard. 

South Africa Safaris Luxury, Tented.

Consider South Africa for a Honeymoon Safari Here, you can view Africa’’s Big Five in a single day, if you are lucky.  Watch a lion at a kill. Follow the tracks of a leopard on foot. Find herds of buffalo grazing their way across the savannah. See white and black rhino in greater numbers than anywhere in Africa and discover the majestic elephant – still treading the same trails his ancient forebears did. A Safari really is a memorable experience. Read more on Honeymoon Safaris

Tented Safari South Africa

Kruger Safari Camp – best time to visit

The best time for game viewing in Kruger National park is the dry winter season (May to July).  The grass is low and bushes and trees don’t have too many leaves allowing you an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. However, some prefer the summer when the park is more lush with vegetation.

Winter season in the Kruger Park is quite dry and rain is scarce. During this season, visitors will be able to spot the animals when they come to the waterholes in the mornings and evenings.

Summer is the rainy season in Kruger Park and the rains fill the rivers and waterholes, and the bush is quite lush. Game viewing is difficult in the summer season because the vegetation is dense, making it harder to locate and observe wildlife.

Towards the end of November and early December, Kruger National Park is filled with newborns. Spotting wildlife with their young is a memorable Kruger Park safari experience.

Autumn is probably the most difficult time of the year to spot game in Kruger National Park because the grass is dense and high. Birding is usually excellent during autumn in Kruger Park.

National Zebra Park South Africa

Essential information about South Africa

Capital City – Pretoria
Language – English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa
Currency – South African Rand
Driving – On the Left
Flight Time – Average from London 11 to 12 hours
Time Difference – GMT +2 hours
For more information browse the official website for the South Africa Tourist Board
Country South Africa
Languages spoken English South African
Currency South African Rand
Visa requirements Visitors must hold a valid passport & may require a visa. UK passport holders do not require a visa.

Banks and Currency in South Africa Foreign exchange services are provided by all major banks and Foreign Exchange Bureaus. American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa are welcome. Local currency = Rand
If traveling to neighbouring countries and back to South Africa apply for a multiple-entry visa.

Visitors to Northern KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and the Northern Province should consult their doctor or pharmacist about appropriate malaria prophylactics.

Travel health insurance is recommended.

All visitors need a valid return ticket.