France is such a wonderful destination to visit with something to appeal to everyone. Whether it’s a wedding, a skiing holiday or a family holiday at the beach, France will tick all the boxes. Lying between the Iberian peninsula and the nations of central Europe, France is a core country on any European tour.

The sophisticated cities of Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Lyon contrast with the small villages of the Dordogne and Normandy.
Whether exploring a single city, a region, or surveying the whole country, Each area looks different, feels different, has its own style of architecture and food. From a hotel in Paris to an ancient chateau in the Loire, camping in Bordeaux, from Cannes to Brittany and Chamonix to the Pyrenees.

France is synonymous with style. From the wide, tree-lined boulevards of its elegant and exciting capital city to the breathtaking Loire Valley castles and the glittering Cote d’Azur with its air of grandeur and romance, it’s easy to see why it has enchanted generations of visitors.
The largest country in Western Europe and home to 58.3 million people, France stretches from the rolling plains of the north to the jagged ridges of the Pyrenees, and from the untamed Brittany coastline to the clear, blue lakes and snowy heights of the Alps.

No matter how many times you visit on holiday, this country offers something new and exciting each time. Walk the windswept beaches of Normandy a green and peaceful region dotted with pretty little fishing harbours and charming resorts. Picture the D-Day landings or take an organised tour and find out more of our history. A city break to the capital will allow you to take in the style and glamour of Paris.  The French capital is one of the most stimulating cities on earth. Although described countless times, words still fail to capture the exact quality that makes Paris eternally seductive.

Restaurants in France & French Food

A trip to France, would not be complete without sampling its world-famous cuisine. Eating well is of major importance to the French and they spend a considerable amount of time thinking about, talking about and consuming food. French gastronomic delights are far too many to mention, but a few not to miss dainties include foie gras, truffles, snails, Roquefort cheese and outstanding patisseries.

Restaurants tend to stick to the traditional meal times of noon-2pm & 7-9.30/10.30pm. In major cities, town centre brasseries often serve until 11pm or midnight. Prices at both are posted outside. Normally there is a choice between one or more fixed menus, and a la carte, choosing from the menu, which is more expensive (but often the only option available after 9pm). Service compris means the service charge is included; if not, you need to add 15%.

Accommodation in France

France has a variety of accommodations to fit any budget. Camping and Hostels are inexpensive, but, with a group of friends, a chateau or country farmhouse can be less expensive than a mid-class hotel.

Chateaux/ Castles in France

Want to live like royalty? You can have all the services in a château with beautiful grounds.

Camping in France

Camping can be a great way to introduce your children to a holiday in another country with an easy drive from home. There’s a lot to do at the bigger campgrounds, and, especially in May and June the weather is good and the prices low.

French Hotels

One and Two Stars – Rooms are small, but the ambiance can be great. Often family-run, these hotels give you a real taste of France.

French Hotels Three and Four Stars – If the little extras are important to you, these are the hotels for you. High to luxurious facilities almost all your problems can be solved the Concierge

Villas, Gites or Cottages in France – France offers some wonderful self-catering options for families and groups of friends to choose from. 

Holiday villas, chateaux and country homes in France – If it’s a country retreat or a villa near the beach you will find exactly what you want in France. 

Golf Holiday France

Golf in France is very popular with the British as there are many golf courses to choose from just on the northern coast of France such as in the resort of La Touquet.  Equally head down towards the Champagne region and combine golf and Champagne tasting. Or fly into Nice and try out some of the more upmarket courses such as Mougins and Terre Blanche.

Self-drive is a great option with the use of the Euro-tunnel or the Ferries from Dover to Calais. For your personal quotation for a golf holiday please contact Go Easy travel

Skiing Holiday France

When choosing a skiing holiday in France there are so many ski resorts that the choice is endless. France is easily accessible by plane, car, train or snow coach, making it one of the top destinations for British skiers. At Go Easy travel we can offer a full ski holiday package including flights and transfers or just provide ski accommodation with a ferry crossing. Choose from one of the many ski areas such as the Trois Vallees, Ski Paradis, Portes du Soliel or the Milky way.

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Weddings in France

Once you have made the decision to get married abroad the destination is the second choice to be made. Whilst France is one of the top choices for weddings in Europe, it’s not the easiest of destinations. However, it is possible but all weddings in France take place in a French city hall.

If you do not have French citizenship then you will have to show the civil authorities in several documents in order to marry in France. Some of the documents that you will need for a wedding in France are as follows; your passport or French residence permit, birth certificate, a medical examination certificate from a French doctor and a certificate of celibacy and a document drawn up by a French lawyer attesting to your right to marry.

You will also need to have been resident in France for 40 days prior to the wedding and show proof of residency by means of a French telephone bill, water bill or similar documentation. All documents in English are required to be translated into French and in some areas it may be necessary to have a French translator at the ceremony as most ceremonies are conducted in French.

This said you can have a wonderfully romantic wedding reception in France in one of the many beautiful castles such as Tiara Château.       For your personal quotation for a honeymoon holiday please call 01256 536020

Honeymoons in France

Honeymoons in France can be a variety of destinations including beach, city or mountain. Combine all three with a visit to the capital city – Paris, then on to the coastal resorts of the Cote d’azure followed by a visit to the mountain area of Isola where the ski resort of Isola is only a 1 hour drive from Nice.

Combine France and Italy with a rail journey on the famous Orient Express to create a magical perfect honeymoon.

Driving in France

The car is a comfortable means of getting around France. The roads are perfectly maintained and the French road network is among the densest in the world. There are also 8000 km of highways (most are toll roads) connecting Paris and the major cities of France in a star-shaped network.

Every 10 kilometres there is a rest area for a picnic. Every 30 to 40 kilometres there is a petrol pump and food service. Every 100 kilometres there is a motel for an overnight stay.

Unless indicated otherwise, the following speed limits are applicable: 50 kph in urban areas, 80 kph on the Paris beltway, 90 kph on roads, 110 kph on fast roads and 130kph on highways A valid driver’s license, an international insurance card and a vehicle registration card must be produced upon request during traffic stops.

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Weather in France

Spring and Summer offers the best weather to visitors, with beach tourism picking up in May. Temperatures are not to bad in Autumn, although the short days mean limited sunlight and the cold starts to make itself felt towards the end of the season. Winter means playing in the snow in France’s Alps and Pyrenees.

Events in France

There are a great variety of French cultural offerings, bringing together style and splendour. The.The French are a festive people with many cities hosting music, dance, theatre, cinema or art events each year. Rural villages hold fairs and fetes, which celebrate everything from local saints to agricultural progress.
Prominent national days off are May Day (1 May), when people trade gifts of muguet (lily of the valley) for good luck and Bastille Day (14 July), which is celebrated by throwing firecrackers at friends.
Regional events include the pret a porter fashion show in Paris (early February); the glittering Cannes Film Festival (mid-May); the International Music Festival in Strasbourg (first three weeks of June); the mainstream and fringe theatre of the Festival d’Avignon (mid-July to mid-August) and the Jazz Festival in Nancy (9-24 October).

Essential Facts on France

Capital City Paris
Currency – Euro
Flight time on average from London 1:15 to Paris upto 2 hours to more southern airports
Time difference – 27 March to 30 October +2 hours otherwise GMT +1
For more information on a holiday in France, get in touch or visit the official tourist site for France France Tourist Board
Country France
Languages spoken: French English
Currency Euro
Visa requirements Nationals of the EU, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Israel do not require visas to visit France as tourists for up to three months. Except for people from a handful of other European countries, everyone else must have a visa. Always carry your valid identity papers on your person. Your papers can be checked in the street or while you’re driving. In order to drive in France you must have your EU driver’s permit (or an international driver’s license), the registration papers of the vehicle (carte grise) and proof of insurance coverage. If you plan to stay less than 6 months, you are free to travel in France without restriction.