Greece and her Islands

Greece borders Albania, Bulgaria and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the north, and Turkey to the east. Its beaches overlook the Ionian and Aegean seas. With 166 inhabited islands and a landscape that ranges from Mediterranean to Balkan. The sun-soaked coastline stretches over 13,676km (8,498 miles), providing some of the most magnificent and attractive beaches in the world. The landscape of Greece incorporates a remarkable variety: from the poplar strewn plains of Macedonia, to the gentle coastal hills of Peloponnesia. It’s the simple pleasures of these landscapes and of the country’s climate and food that make Greece special for most visitors. Whether you’re fascinated by ancient Greece and long to see the historic sites of Athens, Rhodes and Delphi, or escaping it all in the fun-filled Greek islands,This timeless land boasts a 5000-year history, encompassing the legendary such as Mycenae, Olympia, Delphi and the Parthenon in Athens and the obscure, this unique history combined with beautiful sunshine and beaches the sense of living legend is a truly unforgettable experience.

Family Beach Holidays and Kids clubs Greece

Greece hydraFamily beach holidays are very popular in Greece and the islands of Greece. Many tour operators offer package holidays to all destinations in Greece using charter flights from the UK and Europe. There are many hotels in Greece that offer excellent child care and kids clubs. In particular companies such as Club Med, Mark Warner Holidays, Sunsail Family holidays and Thomson. Gay travel has excellent rates with these operators and can save you money with your family holiday to Greece.

Events in Greece, Things to do

Art and culture, the delight of good food and music, traditional crafts and You The Greek year is a succession of festivals and events, some of which are religious, some cultural, others just an excuse for a good celebration. In various regions of Greece Carnivals are held which have as their main characteristic the distinctive local colour and the people’s intention to keep the tradition alive. The Carnival celebration usually begins on Tsiknopempti with a series of cultural, theatrical and other events. The participants are masquerade parties, float parades, majorettes, ballet groups and music bands etc. which fill the streets, theatres, cultural centres and squares of the whole country. The celebrations reach their climax with the traditional party (Koulouma) on Ash Monday, when a kite-flying spectacle takes place. You cannot come to Greece and not go to one of its many cultural events, at one of its ancient or modern theatres. For information about programs and timetables on major cultural events.

Greece Tours & Island Hopping

Island hopping has always been a popular choice for Greece but more so now with the easy ability to book flights into one airport and out of the other. We have many island hopping itineraries to consider such as:

Fly from London to Mykonos for 3-night stay, then on to Paros for 4 nights followed by 3 nights in Santorini and finish with 4 nights in Crete. This 14-night itinerary in the high season with flights, transfers and all ferries from £1400 per person.

For more information on tailor-made Greek island hopping experiences please get in touch.

Greek Islands what to do on each

Corfu Island things to do

Cape Drastis is worth visiting on the north of the island, Agni Bay is a nice visit for seafood at the seafront tavernas, The old town of Corfu is worth a visit and its UNESCO world heritage protection, there are still historic Venetian houses there.

Vlacherna Monastery which is reached by a small track over water which is very cute, St Georges Church is another tourist attraction built by the British in the 19th Century and lastly Canal d’amour a popular tourist spot to go swimming.

If you love beaches, there is Porto Timoni for a beach stroll, Logars Beach at sunset, Palaiokastritsa for morning sunshine then visit the monastery that goes back to 1200’s




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