United Arab Emirates

Just over 50 years ago the United Arab Emirates or UAE as it is also known was a very quiet place to visit and certainly not on the top 10 tourist destinations.

UAE as a Holiday Destination

The United Arab Emirates is firmly placed in the top 10 holiday destinations due to its all year round sunshine, abundance of hotels to choose from, adventure and water parks as well as many shopping options for every budget. Popular as a winter destination and used to twin with destinations such as the Far East and Indian Ocean, this part of the world just grows more and more popular each year. Which would account for the many new hotels being added to the areas portfolio of properties.

When to visit United Arab Emirates for the best weather

United Arab Emirates is year round sunshine with hot summers and cooler winters. In the summer the temperature can be too hot and it is advisable not to stay out in the midday sun. Expect temperatures of 40 plus in the summer time and 20 plus in the winter months. Best time to visit is between October and May when it is slightly cooler.

currency Dirham (AED)

For more detailed information you can visit the Official Tourist Board UAE

Places in United Arab Emirates

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