The island of Flora and Fauna

The island of Guam is situated in the pacific ocean and is a US territory with the official language being English and Chamorro. It is popularly known for it’s Flora & Fauna and has over 600 species of plants some of which are sweet-smelling perfumed flowers as well as over 100 trees.

The island offers a flavour of present American influence with old European ruins and remains when inhabited by the Spanish. Shipwrecks are found in the waters around the islands for the days of the Spanish Galleon age, which makes it the perfect choice as a diving destination.

Weather in Guam

The weather has an average temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit with the rainy season being in the months of Rainy season from June to November. Best time to visit is December through to June.

Facts about Guam

The local currency is the US dollar and the time difference is Greenwich Mean Time +10.

Things to do in Guam

Guam is a popular destination for diving due to the crystal clear waters and the old shipwrecks for divers to explore. during the months of December to May, the visibility can be up to 150 feet, however, in the rainy season, the visibility can reduce to as low as 60 feet.

Fishing is also a popular past time as well as all other water sports such as water skiing, sailing, windsurfing, etc. If you don’t fancy getting wet but still want to experience the underwater then visit the walk-through aquarium.

Hiking is also excellent with many different grade hikes to experience from easy to very difficult.
Guam is a duty-free island so shopping offers the visitor excellent prices for perfume, jewelry, watches, leather goods, etc.

Make sure you take in the sunsets at Lovers point.

Restaurants and Eating out in Guam

Guam offers an extensive range of fresh fish as well as restaurants offering a variety of cuisine from fast-food American to Japanese, European, Mexican and Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

Getting There

Flights are either from America with Continental or northwest or from China, Japan, Korea or the Philipines.

Accommodation, hotels and Self Catering apartments

The island of Guam offers many international hotels from small to luxury boutique as well as self-catering apartments.

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Essential information

UK passport holders can enter under a Guam Visa Waiver Program (G.V.W.P.) for a stay of up to 15 days
English and Chamorro Language Currency US Dollar

For more information on the island, visit the Official Tourist Board