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Get Ready for Lockdown CoronaVirus 2020 Travel Industry tips

Get Ready for Lockdown – Coronavirus 2020

Get Ready for Lockdown

Well, It is day 7 of Lockdown here in Spain and there are so many things I am thinking I wish I had thought of to get before lockdown. I sit here laughing at those stockpiling on toilet rolls and hand sanitizer and think, you have no idea!  Eating and pooping are not going to cover a 24 hour day and trust me when you have 4 walls to look at (and I mean really look at) you see life in such a different way.

Now it depends on how strict your lockdown is but say it’s like Spain and you can’t go out, literally only allowed out for food or medical supplies.   No socialising or exercising as everything is closed until further notice. Initially, 15 days but this could be extended until after Easter another 15 days!

So What should you do to prepare?

  1. DIY enthusiasts – Look round your home and see what jobs need doing that you keep saying you will do. Repairs, painting or even making things. Do you have all that you need in order to do them? Ie paints to paint a bedroom etc.  When lockdown happens these shops will be closed and you won’t be able to do those little jobs.
  2. Online Kings and Queens – Make sure your wifi is up to the extra steaming that is going to go on in the area. If you have the basic package see if you can upgrade quickly. Internet access has been a godsend for me.
  3. Fitness freaks that will miss their gym, get looking now for online workouts sessions, there are lots to choose from and new ones appearing.  In Spain, there is no beach, no golf, no parks, no areas that will encourage people to meet.
  4. Keen to Learn – Always wanted to learn something new, well now is your chance. With so many online courses you can teach yourself lots of new skills including starting a new language, ready for when you can travel again.
  5. Dog lovers – Always wanted a dog? Get one now as in Spain it’s the only way you can go out for a walk each day if you have a dog to walk! Adopt a dog today.
  6. Cancelled Holiday Customers – Had your holiday cancelled due to the Coronavirus or just got back and had to self-quarantine? Bring the memories back or make new ones by reading books on that destination, watching films. Better still try recreating some of the dishes you ate when on holiday. Paella or Risotto are good ones to try when you have time on your hands.
  7. Sitting at home instead of being on a sunny beach! Turn up the heat and, get on your beachwear, fix yourself a Sex on the beach cocktail, tune into some sunshine vibes and lay back on your sofa and remember former holiday memories.
  8. Keen Photographers – All those photos on your phone now is the time to get them on to a hard drive, file and edit those memories to find quickly in the future.
  9. Travel enthusiasts – Start planning where you will go when this virus does one and we can all get back to travelling.  Where in the world would be your first place to travel and how long would you go for? Start researching online and get ready to grab a bargain.
  10. Cruisers – If you love life on the ocean waves and are having to remain on land get your cruise videos out and put your feet up and reminisce about those previous cruises you have been fortunate to enjoy.

So it is not all about food and toilet roll it is about what you are going to do when you are locked down. Get thinking and get prepared as the first stage is closing bars and restaurants. Lockdown follows very quickly. Stay safe, self-isolate and social distance.

If your travel arrangements have been affected by Coronavirus get in touch and we will try to help as best we can. Contact us today