Spain Balearics

Driving tips in the Balearic Islands Spain. Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza.

Driving is on the right hand side in Spain. Speed limits in Spain are 50KPH in urban areas, outside built up areas 100KPH and 120KPH on motorways. On the spot fines are applied for speeding and other traffic fines. Seat belts are compulsory in front and rear of vehicles at all times.
The alcohol limit in Spain is 0.5%. Spain has an extensive road grid covering close on 340,000 kilometres, and of this total 7,000 kilometres represent highways (toll motorways, free-ways and dual-carriageways). This highway network, a great part of which is toll-free, makes it possible for the visitor to drive in comfort from the Pyrenees all the way down to Andalusia, either along the Mediterranean coast or, alternatively, inland via Madrid. A comprehensive network of petrol stations and roadside rest areas offer the widest possible range of en-route services.
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