Cruise Holiday Packing Tips

If you are a first time cruiser then you might want to read our cruise holiday packing tips!  When booking a cruise for clients, it is the first thing that they ask when going on a cruise for the first time. What do I pack to wear? Is it formal all the time? Is there a theme night? What about when off the ship what should I wear?  The list of questions is endless and to help we have considered what the best options are for our cruise holiday clients.

Careful planning of what to pack is essential, as once the ship sails you are at the mercy of what is on board or what shops are available at the destinations that are on your itinerary. You also need to consider if you have luggage restrictions if you are on a fly-cruise so those fly-cruise holidays need a little more planning. In this blog, we look at some tips and suggestions on how you should plan your cruise holiday packing for your next cruise holiday. You may also want to read our tips for first-time cruisers.

Cruises from the UK v Fly Cruise Packages

If you are going on a cruise from the UK then you don’t need to worry about how much luggage you take with you. Well, that’s not entirely true as you still need to consider the room in the cabin that you have booked. Obviously, the smallest inside cabin will only have so much room for you, your clothes and your bags once emptied.

If you are on a fly-cruise then you will need to consider your luggage allowance which may be restricted by the airline. Most economy flights offer checked luggage either paid or included in the fare from 15kgs to 23kgs per person. Those upgarding their flight cabin will bennefit from extra luggage allowance so if you want lots of clothes with you consider asking the cost of the upgraded cabin.

If the cruise returns to a different port of departure, (ie out of your home country but returning by air)  then you need to check the baggage allowance of the return airline.

Cruise Holiday Packing Tips

One way to overcome luggage restrictions is to take items that you can easily launder on the ship. Mix and match to create different outfits for day and night. If you are hopless at packing consider a consultation with a stylist that can help you plan a capsule wardrobe. Check out Instagram and Pinterest for ideas on creating your own capsule wardrobe using Packing Tips

Just remember that a cruise will take in many destinations and possibly several different climates so pack to cover all types of weather from hot sunshine to cold wet days. A sweater, pashmina or sweatshirt is always a good option for cool days and evenings and even consider a small fold up umbrella.

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Formal Dress on a Cruise Ship

Check the itineray of the cruise you are taking as some ships will have more formal nights than others and lounge suits or cocktail dresses will be suitable for most cruises. However do check as some cruise liners such as Crystal Cruises will be more formal, more often with black tie. It’s best to know in advance if you need to take or hire a Tuxedo. Remember do not over pack, you don’t need a dress or suit for every evening, work with a colour scheme and mix and match. There will be thousands of people on the cruise so don’t think they will all remember what you were wearing each evening.

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Cruise Excursions

When getting off the ship for excursions, consider what type of clothing you will require. For most destinations smart casual will be fine but just make sure you have the correct clothing for visiting Mosques and churches. Shoulders and legs often have to be covered so make sure you dont miss out just because you are not dressed appropriately. Comfortable shoes are a must, especially if you have a lot of excursions. Make sure you don’t just pack your flip flops as you might get sore feet and won’t be able to get out and explore all those destinations or dance the night away.

When its a caribbean cruise consider those beach day options and what you might need to take such as your snorkle and mask. Or maybe your favourite beach mat to sit and watch the day go by. Whatever it is make sure you plan to pack it rather than leave it behind.

cruise excursions

Important Papers, Travel Documents

When packing your cruise documents such as your identification documents and boarding passes, make sure you keep them in your cabin baggage/hand luggage and don’t pack them in your checked luggage just incase your baggage does not arrive. A good tip is to try and pack a few emergency items in your hand luggage along with any prescription drugs that you take. If you are using a fly packaging company where they send your baggage in advance of you, make sure you pack at least a couple of outfits in your hand luggage. Change of underwear, swimware and a change of outfit will keep you going for a few days until your clothes arrive.

Cruise packing tips

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