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December Winter Snow Holidays to winter snow destinations

December Winter Snow

December Winter Snow Destinations

When snow levels have been low in the European Ski resorts where do you look for December winter snow?  Many skiers and those in pursuit of snow look further afield than your normal French Alps or the Dolomites. This search for snow in December is becoming a growing trend with many new holiday packages appearing. Skiers still cross their fingers in anticipation of white covered mountains and enough snow coverage. However if skiing is not your thing, how else to you get to see that white stuff that we all love?

City Breaks

Our December City Breaks article covers some of the best destinations to visit for snow in the month of December. Added to that our other favourite snow cities are Budapest in Hungary, for great food and drink, Moscow or St Petersburg in Russia for culture and from Russia with love!.  Tromso in Norway or Reykjavik in Iceland in search of the Northern Lights and beautiful white landscapes.

Moscow Russia Winter Snow

Snow Cruising

Winter style cruising takes you to some of the most amazing parts of the world. Head off in search of the Northern Lights on a Norwegian cruise and bring a whole new meaning to “cold hands warm heart”  Baltic cruises are popular in the month of December with stops for Christmas Markets in Bruges, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen.

Polar cruising is on the up and with the new style ships, it is even more comfortable to get to see the Polar bears. Choose from the Antarctic or Arctic circle for your Polar expedition.

Cruise packing tips

Expedition cruises

These cruises are on the increase and why not. Visit the North and South Pole while you still can!  In our winter months, Antarctica the South Pole is the perfect time to visit, particularly if it is Penguins that fascinate you.  This is home for penguins seals and killer whales.  The best time to visit is November to March when most of the wildlife is active and benefit from the 24 hours light.

If you like your creature comforts and luxury hotels this type of holiday is still for you as the cruise ships just got a whole lot more interesting.  Polar cruising is no longer a rough type of holiday as there are new luxury expeditions ships in this market. Think including Zodiacs, kayaks, e-bikes, helicopters, and a submarine. These added vehicles onboard are to take you up close and personal exploring the lands and seas of this amazing part of the world. It really makes it an adventure of a lifetime.

Which is colder? North or South Pole?
The South Pole is more than 9,000 feet in elevation–more than a mile and a half above sea level. (Source Scientific America)

In our summertime, if you want that cold holiday experience then head for the Arctic (north pole) for Polar Bears, walrus, whale, and seals as well as Terrestrial mammals such as wolf, ox, Raindeer, hare, and fox. The best time to visit the High Arctic is between July and September, just after the ice begins to melt in June allowing the ships access.

Antartica South Pole

Skiing or Snowboarding

Learning to ski or snowboard can be a great family holiday. Especially if you opt for an all-inclusive ski package.  Our favourite all-inclusive ski operator is ClubMed and this year they launch their new flagship family ski resort in the French Alps, Club Med La Rosière.  The resort is located in the San Bernardo ski area which is renowned for being one of the most snow-covered and sunny destinations of the northern Alps and will offer guests the ultimate ski-in, ski-out experience and offer the perfect family experience with Club Med’s kids’ clubs from 4 months to 17 years old.
The seasoned skiers may prefer to cruise the pistes under their own steam. Staying in catered chalets or half board hotels. Ski resorts offer so many activities and choosing the right one can make a holiday for a non-skier. Whilst everyone gets up early to ski the non-skier can Indian long lies, spa treatments or snowless energetic snow activities such as snowshoeing. 

For a different ski experience head over to North America or Japan for that crisp white powder snow and different ski experience to that of the European resorts.

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Ski holidays

Searching for Santa

Lapland the home of Santa offers a wonderful experience for all members of the family. Most adults get as much out of a magical trip to Lapland as the children do.
Choose from a day trip, in and out the same day, or stopover longer for 3 or 4 nights. Experience husky dog and reindeer rides as well as a visit to the big man himself.

Lapland husky ride

Get in touch to find out more about what other December Winter snow destinations are on offer for you. Tel 01256 536020