Paradise in the Cook Islands

Cook Islands have romance marked all over them and is the perfect honeymoon, holiday destination for those looking for that something different. Consisting of just 15 islands with the capital island being Raratonga a circular volcanic island with a lush mountainous interior.

Some of the islands are uninhabited thus making them the ideal stop of for a romantic honeymoon picnic.
The scenery of the Cook Islands is typical of any paradise islands.

Swaying palm trees, pure white sands and crystal clear waters with wonderful fish you would normally see in an aquarium tank. Perfect for beach holidays with excellent snorkelling or diving.

The Polynesians are very religious and almost everyone on the islands will attend church on a Sunday. If you like to sing then make sure you include a visit to one of the churches to experience their unaccompanied four-part harmonies

Other experiences to search out on the Cook Islands is the Friday night Fever where the Polynesians dress up and dance in their warrior style with grass skirts and garlands.

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Honeymoon Hotels in the Cook Islands

Aitutaki is one of the loveliest of the islands in the Cook Islands offers a wonderful setting for a honeymoon or special holiday. It’s just a short flight by seaplane from Raratonga to Aitukaki where the island is nearly all lagoon. The Lagoon is a triangular shape filled with crystal clear luminous water to the deepest emerald filled with coral and wonderful fish. When snorkelling in the Lagoon you will see starfish, giant clams and even some hawksbill turtles. Stay at the islands only 5 star hotel Pacific resort or try one of the more boutique Etu Moana.
If staying in Raratonga then a stay at then staying at the Rumours Resort Raratonga will not be a disappointment with the wonderful accommodation and excellent service. Contact go easy travel now for your personal travel consultant to plan your perfect Honeymoon tel 01256 536020

Things to do in the Cook Islands

The islands are for beach lovers with endless sunny days, crystal clear blue waters for snorkelling and all water sports. Book a romantic sunset sail or a private dinner on the beach.
Take your passport to One Foot Island (the only uninhabited island in the world with a post office) and get it stamped.

Weather in the Cook Islands

The weather in the Cook Islands is hot and Tropical year-round with the wettest months being between November and March. Lower temperatures are in the months of June to August.

How to get to the Cook Islands

Flights from London are via Los Angeles with Air New Zealand. Daily flights with stopovers available in the city of Los Angeles.

Price Guide for Holidays to Cook Islands

Prices vary for the Cook Islands and it is best to book well in advance to obtain the best possible airfare. 12 nights in the Cook Islands with return flights range from £2499 per person bed and breakfast. Call or email go easy travel now for your Cook Holiday Quotation.
For more information browse the official website for the Tourist Board