The Azores, 9 islands to explore

The Azores are situated in the Atlantic ocean, made up of 9 islands. The islands are each as beautiful as one another and are picture perfect with flowers and rolling fields, vistas of the sea and blue lagoons. The fertile volcanic soil gives them a lush and varied vegetation – hydrangeas, camellias, hibiscus and magnolias can be seen everywhere.
Holidays to the Azores are based around a relaxing environment with activities such as swimming with dolphins, whale watching, deep sea fishing and even golfing on the 2 golf course on Sao Miguel Island.
The largest of the islands is Sao Miguel at 290 square miles and the smallest island in the Azores is Corvos at 7 square miles. The islands are approximately 2 hours from Lisbon and 5 hours from the East coast of America. The cosmopolitan town of Ponta Delgada on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores is a pleasure to visit. With its cobbled streets, turn of the century architecture, modern marina with shops, bars, restaurants and night clubs makes it the perfect holiday destination in the Azores.

Weather in the Azores

The weather is best between June and October with the hottest months being July, August and September. November to January is also pleasant but temperatures dip a bit. February through May tend to be on the rainy side.

How to get to the Azores

There are daily flights from Europe to the Azores via Lisbon and some direct flights from the UK with some of the UK charter companies. Flights go on a weekly basis from North America and Canada. Once in the Azores transport between islands is by ferry or sailing boat.

Essential Information Azores

Languages spoken Portuguese, English
Currency Euro
Visa requirements Portugal, along with Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain , forms part of the border-free travel zone subject to the Schengen Agreement. No visas are required for EU nationals. Nationals of Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the USA can stay for 90 days visa-free. Everyone else needs a visa.

For more information visit The Azores Tourist Board


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