Italy is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Europe. Its romance attracts the wedding and honeymoon holidays and it’s sophistication appeals to family beach holidays and all-inclusive Ski Holiday. Occupying an area of 301,250 sq km and home to 57.8 million people; Italy has long captured the imagination.

Whether you fancy renting a villa in Tuscany or shopping in Milan, discovering the history of Siena, whether it’s a City Breaks in Rome, Florence, Venice or beyond. From the sunny southern slopes of the Alps to the lush orange groves of Sicily, Italy offers enormous variety in its natural landscape and historical surroundings.

In summer, Italy is an international playground, with visitors from all continents joining Italians on holiday at the famous resorts. Spring comes early to Italy and autumn lingers – offering the traveller time to discover the art centres, the large cities and the holiday resorts such as those in the Lombardian lake region where spring and autumn are ideal seasons.

In winter, the Italian Alps are unequalled for scenery and skiing. In northern Italy are some of the world’s most renowned winter sports resorts, easily reached from such centres as Torino, chief city of the westernmost Piemonte region; from Milan, hub of the central mountain and lake district; and from Venice, leading city of the eastern region. Skiing is also a summer sport in the Torino Alps and the lofty mountains surrounding the Valle d’Aosta



Italian Hotels, Villas, Self Catering and Camping

Italy offers many options of accommodation from luxury hotels to family-friendly camping resorts throughout Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. Villas for rental in Italy has become popular with families wishing to holiday together and require large holiday homes with swimming pools. Luxury hotels offer the comfort and tranquillity of a busy short city break to one of the wonderful cities such as Rome, Venice or Florence. Skiing in the Italian mountains is a wonderful option for those looking for luxury as well as groups hoping for great skiing and excellent night-life. There are many camping sites to consider such as Ville Degli Ulivi Holiday Park reviews

Weather in Italy

The moderating influence of the sea and the protection given by the Alpine barrier from the cold north winds join to bless Italy with a temperate climate. Nevertheless, the weather varies considerably according to how far one is from the sea or the mountains. The winter is very cold in the Alps, cold and foggy in the Po Plain and the central Apennines; mild and even warm on the Ligurian coast, the Neapolitan coast and in Sicilian.

The summer is hot and dry, but the temperature is mitigated on the coast by sea breezes and in the Apennines and Alps it is pleasantly cool. In mountain areas, winter is ideal for Skiing, and summer for excursions, hiking, etc. Seaside and lake resorts, with their excellent hotel facilities, have an intense tourist season in the summer, while the cities are ideal in spring and autumn.
Italian Cities, City Breaks, Short Stays
Venice a beautiful city built on a swap over 1500 years ago surrounded by waterways and romantic gondola trips around the city. Perfect for honeymoons twined with Florence or Rome and a few nights on the coast.

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Skiing Holidays, groups, families, all-inclusive

Skiing in Italy is a wonderful experience with great resorts from lively budget accommodation to chic sophisticated luxury hotels all offering an excellent choice of food with wonderful pasta and pizzas. The ski resorts are situated close to several airports making skiing in Italy an easy option with sort transfers and high altitude skiing.

Italian Restaurants And Food

Delicious food is just one of the many pleasures for which Italy is legendary. The main characteristic of Italian cooking is its healthy balance, the excellent basic ingredients being simply cooked and retaining their original goodness and freshness.

There are thousands of ristoranti (restaurants): the most formal type of place to eat when one is not in a hurry, sometimes a little fancy and pricey. Family-run; trattoria and osteria: less formal than a ristoranti, where local specialities are served. Or pannier: a sandwich bar, where a quick meal can be had at any time of the day.

Italian Wedding Venues

Italy is a popular choice for weddings in Europe and getting married is very easy to do. Most Italian operators offer weddings in Italy and will assist in the documentation required for an Italian Wedding. Choose from city weddings in the Town Hall or coastal weddings with the sea as a stunning back drop.

If you are looking for the perfect Italian honeymoon then search no more as go easy travel can offer advice on the best honeymoon hotels in Italy including what honeymoon offers are available such as discounts, room upgrades and romantic candlelight dinners whilst on your honeymoon. We have a selection of Italian Honeymoons, on our site but always contact us directly for your Tailor Honeymoon.


Driving in Italy, renting a car

Car hire in Italy is not the cheapest place to rent a car but if you want to explore the areas of Tuscany and the lakes mountains and then it is a must. 

As with the rest of continental Europe, vehicles travel on the right and overtake on the left. Highways are indicated by the letter “A” followed by a number written in white on a green background. They are almost all subject to tolls, except for some brief stretches, especially approaching urban areas. Seat belts are compulsory in Italy. As for documentation, bringing your own car you need a valid driving license plus an Italian translation (available from the State Tourist Office), and you’re advised to get an International Green Card of insurance.

Speed limits are 50kph in built-up areas, 110kph on country roads, 130kph on highways. If you break down, dial 116 and the nearest office of the Automobile Club d’Italia (ACI) will be informed.

Italy has stricter drink driving laws than the UK, only allowing 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per milliliter of blood (UK 0.8). Fines are applied on the spot and are to be paid at the time.

Italian Banks and Currency

As a member of the European Union, Italy has become part of the Economic and Currency Union – which introduced the EURO. Traveller’s checks can be exchanged at most hotels and shops and at the foreign exchange offices in main railway stations and at the airports.

Essential Facts about Italy

Capital City – Rome
Currency – Euro
Electricity – 220V
Flight time – On average from London 2 to 3 hours
Time Difference – March 27 to October 30 GMT +2 Hours otherwise +1 hour
For more information see the Italy Tourist Board
Country Italy
Languages spoken Italian English
Currency Euro
Visa requirements Italy, along with Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, forms part of the border-free travel zone subject to the Schengen Agreement. EU passport holders can come and go as they please. Citizens of the USA, Australia, Canada, Japan and New Zealand are among those who may enter Italy as tourists without a visa and stay up to 90 days.