Holland or the Netherlands as it is also called is known most famously in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. The Netherlands is one of the smaller countries in the world, with 15.8 million inhabitants and an area of 41,864 square kilometres The major cities are all relatively close together, yet each has a quality of its own.
Holland has so many exciting and accessible cities to discover. Holiday in Amsterdam with its historic city centre and museums, its unique ring of canals and impressive buildings, attracts the most tourists, where you can uncover the liveliest bars and the most diverse museums. Or why not immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the other great Dutch cities? The Hague, Delft, Haarlem, Utrecht, Groningen and Maastricht certainly have their share of historic buildings, museums, traditions and attractions.

Rotterdam is renowned for its stunning architecture combined with exciting nightlife. The many bridges, dikes, water mills and pumping stations are an impressive sight. The extensive Delta works are a powerful reminder of the battle the Dutch is still waging against the sea. Nearly half of the country is below sea level. The lower Netherlands consists largely of flat polders surrounded by dikes, where the water table is regulated artificially. From the 16th century on, windmills were used not only to keep the land dry but also to drain entire inland lakes.

Above all, the Netherlands is known for its flowers. The bulb fields in the provinces of North and South Holland are at their most beautiful in April and May, when the daffodils, hyacinths and tulips are in bloom. Thousands of visitors flock to see them. The Netherlands produces 60 per cent of the worlds commercially-grown flowers.

Weather in Holland

Mild, maritime climate. Summers are generally warm with changeable periods, but excessively hot weather is rare.
Winters can be fairly cold with the possibility of some snow. Rainfall is prevalent all year. Spring is a good time to visit as the bulbs are in bloom – April for daffodils, tulips in May.

Events in Holland

There are theatres and cinemas in all major towns. Large cities have trendy nightclubs and discos, but late opening bars and caf??s are just as popular in regional towns. Amsterdam is a sophisticated city, with some of the liveliest nightlife in Europe. There are legal casinos in Amsterdam, Breda, Eindhoven, Den Haag, Groningen, Nymegen, Rotterdam, Zandvoort, Valkenburg and Scheveningen (which claims to have the largest in Europe); all have an age limit of ‘over 18’ (passports must be shown).
For more information on the Netherlands see visit the Tourist board for Holland at Holland Tourist Board


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