The word Argentina comes from the latin name argentum, which means silver.

Argentina is situated in the South of America and is bordered by 5 other south american countries. The countries that border Argentinia are; Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile.
Argentina is such a vast country with an area of almost 3.8 million square kilometres with approximately 50% of the land bing plains and 25% mountains.
Argentina received its name when the very first Spanish voyages were made to this part of the world and the survivors of one of the shipwrecked voyages were given presents of silver by the local islanders.  Spanish is the official language in Argentina but English is also widely spoken.

Best time to go to Argentina

It really depends what you want to do when you are in Argentina, but as a rule the best time to visit is between November and March. for sport activities in the South of Argentina in the area of Patagonia visit in the month of January. If you are looking for a carnival then visit in the months of January or February. Argentina’s climate is from November to March and average of 23C and from April to October 12c.
More than 36 million people live in Argentina with almost 50% of the population living in Buenos Aires. Most Argentinians are descendants from either Spanish or Italian.
Argentina has many attractions and is a fantastic destination to visit incorporating city, culture and trekking. Here are just a few of the things to see in Argentina.
IN the north of Argentina in the plateau of Puna there are many walks to take to the peaks of the mountains and the salt pans and subtropical rain forests, as well as forts dating back to pre colonization.
Iguazu Falls, Rain Forests, National Parks with many tourist activities and trails on offer.
In the area of Cuyo desert country in the Indian language, here the land is wild and rugged with snow capped volcanoes in the Andes mountain range.
In the central region is where you will find the Pampas plains which is where the Argentinian Estancias can be found. The Estancias are ranches with beautiful horses for excorted treks over this wonderful part of the country.
The South of Argentina is made up of the Patagonia region which is home to the andes mountain range.
Argentina is one of the largest countries in the world and offers the visitor many options of things to do and see. Our top ten places to visit in Argentina are listed below;

Top Ten things to do in Argentina

1. Wander through the city of Buenos Aires and explore the many hidden delights of this wonderful city.
2. Take a tour of the Iguazu Falls which are much taller and wider than the Niagara Falls.
3. Whale Watching – travel to the south fo the country where you will see whales and orcas.
4. Visit the grassy horizons of the Pampas area which stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Andes Mountains. Look out for the pampas gauchos who raise the cattle in this area cowboy style.
5. Mar del Plata experience the beaches and nightlife of Argentina at the beach resort of Mar del Plata. Here you can also experience swimming with seals.
6. The Perito Glacier is one of the largest reservoir of fresh water in the world. You can take a tour right up to the glacier.
7. Skiing or Snowboarding in Argentina. Best time to go is between June to September for skiing in Argentina.
8. Patagonia – known as the “end of the earth” located in the south of Argentina offering breathtaking views and tours of the area.
9. Golf in Argentina – if you are a lover of golf and enjoy the views that some courses in the world have to offer, then do not leave your golf clubs behind when visiting Argentina. In the south of the country in the area of Patagonia is the location of some wonderful golf courses.
10. Salmon and trout fishing is the activity of the region of Patagonia. Here you will find ever-popular species of trout, including brown, rainbow, lake, brook, as well as Pacific salmon.
For more information on the beautiful destination of Argentina, see the official website for Argentina Tourist Board

No visa required for UK passport holders, 90 day stay is allowed with valid 10 year passport with validity to cover your intended stay, no additional validity is required.
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