Destinations for Divorce Parties

A Guide to Destinations for Divorce Parties

Love and marriage – Divorce Parties

The happy bride and doomed exchange rings, kiss and commit themselves to one another ‘until death do they part’. Love is in the air, expectations for a wonderful future are high.

And why not! In truth, most marriages survive the much-trivialised trials and tribulations associated with any commitment to a long-term relationship. Marriage often brings much happiness, friendship and sometimes even a lifetime of contentment. It’s not always about divorce.

It seems to be part of our DNA, the need to devote ourselves to a soul mate; to find Mr or Mrs right He or she is out there somewhere!

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• Marriage and divorce
Needless to say, not all marriages work out. That’s doesn’t mean to imply that ‘unsuccessful’ marriages cannot have a positive effect upon the welfare and happiness of all those involved, be that the nuclear or extended family and friends.

Remember these astute words, ‘I’ve been happily married for 15 years … although I’ve actually been married for 20!’

And so it is that, inevitably, many marriages do end in divorce; I’m reluctant to say ‘fail’, after all 15 years of happiness is better than 20 years of misery!

Although, some marriages are lucky to even survive the honeymoon.

• Matrimony to acrimony!
Sometimes couples just ‘drift apart’, loose shared values and interests or simply can no longer stand one another! Parting goes beyond ‘sweet sorrow’ to downright tribal warfare.

Sadly, all too often, marriages end acrimoniously, amidst a tirade of accusations and grievances. Claims of infidelity, physical and mental cruelty, followed by tussles over custody of the budgie, the cat and kids.

Lawyers swoop, the in-laws draw their daggers and friends duck behind the turrets.

The scent of money is irresistible. The desire for retribution paramount!
When the billionaire’s wife announced that she wanted a divorce for Christmas, the billionaire replied, ‘Oh dear, I wasn’t actually planning on spending that much!’

But seriously, next to bereavement, divorce is surely the most stressful and emotionally draining experience any adult could live through. Although, for the odd few it is no doubt a huge relief.

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• Once the dust settles
What’s left to live for? The divorce settlement has been reluctantly agreed by all, whilst festering feelings of loneliness, rejection and despair set in. Unloved, unwashed and disorientated, life really is at rock bottom.

It’s a desperately sad, empty feeling. Now is the time to make a change, a time to rebuild your life, a time to be decisive!

So, drink heavily, become an incessant bore, drive your family and friends away, eat loads of burgers and spew streams of offensive onion flavoured language, and have a divorce party to wake up all the neighbours.

• Or!
Or, you could take a break, a relaxing, rejuvenating, invigorating and self-esteem building holiday. A break abroad, to relaxing beautiful locations with, maybe, the sweet scent of love in the air.

You don’t need psychotherapy, dinotherapy nor bonkerstherapy; you need to get away, meet new friends and start to rebuild. Book that holiday! Not just any holiday, book with a company which understands your feelings and needs. It could be a city break to lose yourself in the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik, a luxury cruise where your every need is catered for and each day planned to a T, or it could be a fly and flop getaway to a Caribbean beach and recharge of your batteries and a top-up of your tan.

Hey! Why not go the whole 9 yards … buy some deodorant, better still have a shower. Your life is about to change.

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• In conclusion
Should you be a divorcee looking to rebuild your life, then check out our travel website online, we specialise in holidays for others in similar circumstances. Have a browse through some of our destination guides and see what inspires you to take that leap of adventure and consider destinations for divorce parties.

A holiday may not be the absolute answer, but it could be the start of something good … good luck and … here we go again!

Go Easy Travel are specialists in organising tailor-made holidays to get away from the everyday stresses and strains of life. Divorce can be one of those stresses and with the help of a seasoned travel expert, you could be on the road to mending those wounds and healing your sole with the perfect holiday option, we can recommend a wide range of destinations in the world suitable to host divorce parties. Get in touch today for more details on holidays for the recently divorced.