River Cruising is it for you?

With River cruising, I’ve always had the vision of a load of retired Americans in new white trainers and long socks disembarking from river cruise ships. I’ve always seen it as a retired person choice of holiday and until recently this may well have been the case. However, move over you  American oldies as there’s a new river cruise passenger …

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Getting ready to sail

Getting Ready to Sail Just booked your first cruise and not sure what to expect, how should you be getting ready to sail? Don’t be afraid to ask as You won’t be the only person as new2cruise is something that is trending in the travel industry right now. With new ships being built each year this style of holiday, whether …

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Single Traveller Cruises

Single Traveller Cruises When choosing a holiday as a single person it is sometimes hard to decide on the right hotel or destination. With a Cruise it offers a whole different type of holiday with the ability to get out and explore on your own but as part of a group. Equally dinning alone can be hard in a busy …

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