What to Pack for a Beach holiday

If you are female and going on a beach holiday then you are probably planning to take half your wardrobe and bring half of it back unworn. It’s a typical thing to do each year for females, over pack. I always did this until I discovered the art of sensible packing and using items more than once. I carry less on holiday now and I have less to wash when I get back home. If you follow the basic what to pack guide lines then you wont ever forget to pack something. Check also our handy list to consider when packing for a beach holiday.

CLOTHES  FOR FEMALES- Don’t be tempted to plan a different outfit for every night on a 14 day holiday. You wouldn’t necessarily do that at home so don’t do it when you go away. Try to put together outfits that you can mix and match, maybe trousers with a sundress one evening that the dress can then be worn out during a day shopping or sightseeing and then used for visits to the beach on the second week. Vest tops can be hand washed and dried quickly so invest in a couple of colours but don’t take more than 2 or 3. These are great to wear through the day or under a see through top for an evening look. Take costume jewellery accessories to jazz up a plain sundress to give a glamorous evening look with high heels.

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CLOTHES FOR GUYS – it is a little easier on the packing but again don’t take all your wardrobe and plan to wear items in the evening and then during the day to get the maximum use of one item. Polo shirts are great for a casual evening out but also good for wearing through the day with shorts.

SHOES Ladies- Don’t pack a pair of shoes for every outfit as you won’t have enough room and more than likely won’t wear all of them. Travel in sensible shoes that are comfortable and will be ideal for days out sightseeing or walking to the beach. Flip flops are great to pack as they are so small and so versatile, add them to an outfit of wide-leg trousers and a floaty top for a glam relaxed evening look. For girls, a pair of high heels are a must if some evenings out are planned but try to keep to a maximum of 2 pairs.

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SHOES Guys – Keep shoes to the minimum and consider flip flops for beach or pool wear as well as some comfortable walking shoes and some smart casual for the evenings.

ACCESSORIES – It’s always good to have a good book or kindle to read and some music on an I pod or I phone but here are a few other items to consider;

  • Sunglasses, sun hat, sun screen, insect repellent
  • Guide books
  • I pod Speakers
  • Lap top if you need to work while on holiday
  • Pen and paper
  • Umbrella
  • First aid kit
  • Bikini swim suit trunks
  • Sarong, beach hat, beach bag
  • After sun, mosquito repellent or bite lotion
  • Beach towel, flip flops

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Always make sure you can lock your personal items away in a safe when out of your room.

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