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what to pack for a ski holiday skiing tips

What do you pack for a Ski Holiday

So it’s your first skiing holiday and what should you pack?

It’s always difficult to decide what to pack and how much to take when going away on holiday. If you are flying to your ski resort then airline baggage restriction needs to be taken into consideration, especially if you do not want to pay for excess luggage. Remember weight, liquids and sharp objects are restricted in hand luggage so make sure you know what your airline will and will not allow before packing for your trip. To help you pack the right things we have a handy check list of things to consider for a skiing holiday.

TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY – Check your cover for on the piste as some ski passes may not give you full cover if you break a leg and need to be airlifted from the ski slope or repatriated to the UK, you will need to know that you have adequate insurance.
DRUGS – If you have prescription drugs, consider carrying a copy of your prescription and stock up on items you may experience difficulty in finding in a ski resort. When skiing most of your day is taken up with skiing and a visit to the pharmacist may not be possible.
UNDERWEAR –  Consider thermal under ware for during the day and at night as depending what time of year you go and how high you stay, the temperature could be much lower than you are used to.
CLOTHES – You will need to plan your wardrobe carefully as you will need to take clothes for during the day as well as for going out in the evening. Waterproof ski jacket and trousers are a must along with thermal tops and bottoms. Polo necks are great for keeping the warmth as well as thermal ski socks and ski gloves. In general, Ski resorts are more casual than dressy so smart casual for the evening is the perfect choice. Jeans, leggings‘, jumpers or smart casual tops. If you are going to indulge in the many disco bars or night clubs then make sure you wear layers so that when going back outside you can wrap up warm from the early morning chill. Remember hats and gloves for off piste too.
SHOES – Depending on where your accommodation is located you will more than likely just want to wear outdoor walking boots or snow shoes especially if there has just been recent snowfall in the resort. Heels are great for indoors and if you are staying in a hotel with it’s own entertainment. Pool shoes or flip flops should also be packed for those going to a hotel with an indoor swimming pool or spa.
ACCESSORIES – Remember when skiing the weather can change from day to day so be prepared for sunshine and white out days. Here are a few to consider; Sunglasses, sun hat, sun screen, goggles, lip salve.
LUGGAGE – If you which to take skis with you, make sure you have checked with the airline what the weight allowance is and what charge will apply, if any.