Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those destinations that you have just got to go and visit.

It has many sights for the traveller to see and some wonderful tours available to explore the whole of the area. From Beautiful beaches to dramatic forests and rivers it offers many intersting sights.
Honeymoon in Costa Rica
Costa Rica is one of those destinations just made for a honeymoon with it’s beautiful Caribbean coast line offering many idylic beaches to walk hand in hand. Combine the beach with a tour treking, white water rafting or a Romantic horse back ride.

Golf in Costa Rica
There are 8 international golf course on the island of Costa Rica offering every golfer enough rounds of golf for a golf holiday. The 8 courses are located throughout Costa Rica and some of them within international hotels such as the Mariott los Suenos golf course.
For more information on Costa Rica, visit the official website of Costa Rica Tourist Board

Car hire in Costa Rica

Unless otherwise indicated, minimum speed on highways is 40 kilometers per hour (k.p.h.). The speed limit varies and is posted by the road. On highways and secondary roads the speed limit is 60 k.p.h., unless otherwise indicated. In urban areas, the speed limit is 40 k.p.h., unless otherwise indicated.
Driving on beaches is strictly prohibited everywhere, except when there is no other path connecting two towns.
Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly prohibited. The law enables police officers to perform alcohol test on drivers. The law requires all car passengers to wear a seat belt.
Pull over if a police officer signals you to do so. Police officers may ask you to stop if there is an accident ahead, a checkpoint or if you are violating the law by not carrying a license plate or exceeding the speed limit, for example. Your personal documents and the vehicle’s registration papers are private property and may not be retained by police officers for any reason.
If you are involved in an accident, always wait until a police officer arrives. Do not move your vehicle. The officer will prepare a report. You may also report the accident by calling 911 or 800-0123456. Under no circumstances give money to traffic police or other police officers.
If a police officer insists on stopping you or retaining your documents for no apparent reason, ask him to escort you to the nearest police station to clear the problem. If you believe a traffic police officer or any other police officer acted inappropriately or you have questions regarding their behavior, call 257-7798, ext. 2506, and ask to be referred to the nearest police station.
Drive confidently and stay alert. Do not stop for people making signals and never stop for hitchhikers.
Do not drive through or park your car in poorly lit areas. Never leave your car on the street; always park it in a safe parking lot. Do not leave any belongings in the car where they might be spotted by passersby.
Keep your car doors locked at all times. If you are driving in downtown San Jose, keep the windows shut.
Country Costa Rica
Languages spoken Spanish English
Currency Costa Rican colón
Visa requirements None for UK passport Holders