Curacao Island in the Caribbean sea is situated between Aruba and Bonaire

Curacao is part of the Dutch Caribbean. The island lies 35 miles off the coast of Venezuela and is only 171 miles square.
A popular destination for Dutch and Americans due to the easy access with flights from both countries. The island is influenced with a Dutch feel including Dutch architecture, museums, churches and colourful buildings that are on the water front of Willemstad the capital. It is a haven for divers with many diving and snorkelling taking place from the beach. Twin this island with a visit to the USA and you will have the perfect honeymoon package.

Honeymoons in Curacao

Curacao is one of the perfect Caribbean island choices due to it’s small intimate size and the total relaxation of the white sandy beaches and Caribbean feel to the island. If you love snorkelling you will enjoy exploring the wonderful reefs and for those avid divers there are many ship wrecks and shark dives to enjoy. Contact goeasy travel now for your personal travel consultant to plan your perfect Honeymoon

Weddings in Curacao

It is possible to marry on the island of Curacao, however you will need to start planning a minimum of 2 months before the wedding date. You will also require a minimum of 3 days residency on the island before the wedding can take place. You must apply to the Civil Registry Office and obtain a civil ceremony and Marriage book for approximately 18USD. The wedding packages then range from 197USD to 424USD depending on what you require.
Normall legal documents are required such as birth certificate, passport, Certificate of No Impediment, if divorced decree Absolute, if adopted, adoption certificate, if name changed deed poll and if widowed, death certificate. If under 18 years of age you will also need written parental consent and at least 1 witness.
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Diving in Curacao

Diving in the Caribbean is a pleasurable experience due to the warm clear seas. Enjoy snorkelling off shore as well as shark dives and ship wrecks.
Top Things to do and See in Curacao
Visti the capital Willemstad – One of the few cities that appear on the UNESCO World heritage list with its colourful buildings.
The Curacao Sea Aquariu, – Feed the sharks here in this open water aquarium.
Christoffel Park – Home to Mount Christoffel and dozens of species of trees, plants, lizards, birds and sea life. Here you can take a horse back ride, cycle and experience a moonlit tour of the park.
The floating market – take a picture of this wonderful scene of a floating market. Sellers come in boats from Venezuela to sell their goods of fresh fruit, veg, fish and handicrafts.
Curacao Liquer Distillery – sample and buy the local liquer distilled from the local laraha oranges.
Carnival – don’t miss the six weeks of carnival in the months of January and February.

How to get to Curacao

Flights with KLM from Amsterdam direct to Curacao or from the USA with Delta airways or with air jamaica via Montego Bay.

Accommodation in Curacao

Choose from luxury hotels to guest houses in Curacao. Dive schools also provide accommodation as well as time share and apartments to rent on the beach.
General information on Curacao
The currency in Curacao is the Netherlands Antillean Florin or Guilder.
The island lies in the time zone of -4 hours GMT
The Climate is and average of 25-29 degrees
Departure tax 35USD
electricity 110 – 130v/50av
For more information visit the
Curacao Tourist Board
Country Curacao
Languages spoken Dutch Language, Papiamento language, English
Currency Netherlands Antillean guilder
Visa requirements None for UK passport holders