From Ancient ruins to modern luxury hotels, Mexico has something on offer for everyone.

Mexico is situated south of the United States of America between the gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. A country so diverse which offers something for every visitor.  From the north of Mexico with its rugged mountains, deserts, and extreme weather.

In Central Mexico, you will find a taste of the real Mexico with it’s colonial cities and pretty towns offering character and colour. In Southern Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico, a wide range of outdoor activities and adventure can be found, with it’s mangroves, marshes, and forests.

The Yucatan peninsula is the gateway to the Mayan world and also the worlds second-largest coral reef where you can snorkel. The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the famous Cancun loved by many British travelers for that winter sunshine.

The Pacific coast offers beaches as well as towns and cities with rich cultural offerings. The Baja California Peninsula offers world-class hotels, golf courses, and wonderful dive sites as well as watch the migration of the Gray whale if you are there at the right time of year.

As a destination, Mexico offers you so much more than just sun sea and sand and is perfect for tailor-made tours self-guided or with an experienced guide. 

Best time to visit Mexico

Due to the size of Mexico, the weather can be varied and temperatures can be very different at sea level and in the higher grounds. As a rule, if visiting the beach, the best time is between October and May, however, hurricane season is from June to October. Temperatures during this time can be hot and humid.

If visiting higher ground beware the coldest months are between November and January.

Mexico Cancun

Hotels, Accommodation Mexico

Mexico’s accommodation is varied like the country from small guesthouses to large luxury all-inclusive resorts. Cancun one of the most popular beach destinations offers over 21000 hotel rooms from cheap and friendly to large and luxury. Timeshare is also popular in this area as well as apartments for self-catering.

Golf and Spa resorts offer something for all the family as well as eco-friendly resorts and adults-only hotels. There really is something for everyone. If you want true luxury beach accommodation then head out to Baja California which is a popular chill-out destination for American Celebrities.

Honeymoons in Mexico

Mexico as a honeymoon destination can provide good all-inclusive well-priced hotels or a full itinerary with a variety of places to visit and experience the culture and warmth of this country. Popular itineraries include visits to the vibrant Mexico City, the world heritage site of Chichén Itzá finished off with a stay at the beaches of Cancun or the river Maya.

Mexican hotels in the River Maya area, in particular, have targeted the honeymoon market with their many styles of rooms. Choose from boutique to budget, luxury to basic and quirky to plain ordinary. Whatever type of accommodation you are looking for they probably have it. Look out also for emerging areas to theUK passengers such as Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

Golf Mexico 3

Weddings in Mexico

Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Tulum to name a few on the River Maya costal area are the most popular areas for getting married in Mexico. Minimum residency is 3 to 5 days before you can marry and the regular documents are required such as;

10-year passport, birth Certificates, Decree absolute if married before and Death certificate if widowed. Adoption certificate if adopted and deed poll certificate if your name has been changed.

Minimum age is 18 years old. Witnesses may not be related to the bride or groom and a blood test is mandatory in the resort. Translation costs will be incurred for local documents such as the marriage application and certificate.

Things to do and See in Mexico

Mexico has become a firm favourite for its wonderful beaches and year-round climate. the beaches of the Yucatan are what we all dream of with white sands and crystal clear waters, added to this wonderful coral reefs to explore by snorkel or enjoy the vast selection of water sports.

If you want to see a little more a visit to the ancient Mayan ruins will delight and inspire you as there are over 14,000 ancient sites with the most commonly known Chichen Itza and Tulum close at hand. Other less popular ruins such as Uxmal are worth a vist located in the Yucatan area a short drive from Merida and Celustine.

It is worth considering hiring a car from Cancun area and take a trip into the jungle and see the many exotic animals and wonderful jungle backdrop and unearthed cities covered in vines and twisting trees.

Places to visit in the Yucatan area within an easy drive of the famous River Maya cost would be Valladolid a pretty town with its Colonial buildings and 16th-century convent. Merida is a bustling capital of the Yucatan region offering a wonderful range of accommodation and restaurants.

Celustine is another beach area with stunning white sand and aqua green sea, the beaches here are empty! Campeche on the coast for its colourful streets and wonderful seafood.

MExico Beach

Car hire Mexico and Driving tips in Mexico

Driving is on the right-hand side as in America. Do not use headlights throughout the day as other drivers will flash at you thinking that you have left your lights on. Do not drive at night as there are lots of livestock that can suddenly appear in front of you. You cannot drive in Mexico City on certain days, depending on the last number of your license plate.

Traffic cops are more honest than you have been led to believe, but there are some in towns who are looking for bribes, especially in Mexico City. When this happens, stand firm and tell them you want to go to the comandancia.  Alternatively, pay the fine (barter if you feel brave) and carry on and enjoy your holiday.

Speed limits in urban areas are 40KPH and between 90KPH and 100KPH. Road signs are in Spanish and English

Essential Facts on Mexico

Capital City – Mexico City
Language – Spanish English
Currency – Mexican Peso
Driving on the righthand side
Flight time – Average from London 11 – 12 hours
Time Difference – Between GMT -5 and -8
For more detailed information you can visit the official Tourist Board

Visa requirements None for UK passport holders. Tourist card purchased on arrival. Passport must be valid for 6 months

Uxmal Mexico 3

New “Declaration of Goods” Mexico Travel Requirement

There has been a change to the entry requirements for all customers due to travel to Mexico.  All customers are now required to complete a “Declaration of Goods” form online before travel.  The new requirements affect all departures to Mexico – Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

A form be completed per passenger unless travelling as a family where all members share the same surname in which case one form will be accepted.

Once the customers application has been completed they will require to print their declaration and take it with them for presentation to the authorities on arrival in Mexico.

If the customer is travelling with 10,000USD or more (or equivalent in Mexican Pesos) they must also complete a “Declaration of Money” for both entry and exit out of Mexico, again this needs to be printed.

The declaration of Goods form can be accessed here:

The declaration of Money form can be accessed here:

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