St Maarten

Small but beautiful, half French, half Dutch.

St Maarten or St Martin as it is also known is a small island split into two parts, consisting of a French and a Dutch side. The island has co-existed for hundreds of years split into these two parts. Rumour claims that the island was allocated by a Dutchman and a French man having a race around the island.
The Dutch side St Maarten is a little livelier than the French side and is a riot of colours reflecting the combination of the Dutch and West Indian mix. The shopping is duty-free and there is a large choice of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.
The French Side St Martin is a little more elegant with more luxury hotels, sandy beaches and more authentic Creole places to visit.

The island is located in the northern Leeward Islands and is south of Anguilla and around 143 miles southeast of Puerto Rico. St Martin is perfect for honeymoon couples offering elegance and luxury hotels whilst the Dutch side is great to visit for a night out in the capital of Phillipsburg.

How to get to St Martin St Maarten from the UK

There are no direct flights from any of the UK airports to St Barth, however, Air France and KLM do offer flights to St Maarten via Paris or Amsterdam. From Antigua, you can take a connecting flight to Aeroport de Grand Case.

Top things to do in St Martin/St Maarten

This is an island in the Caribbean that you take a good book and sit and chill. With 37 beaches to choose from, sunbathing is the perfect past time.
Philipsburg – The Dutch capital has a host of history dating back to 1793 with the old Courthouse.
Sailing – Perfect for those that love sailing to watch or participate with everything from a canoe upwards available for rent.
Margiot Bay – Situated in St Martin it is a must to visit with its colonial houses, bistros, smart cafes, and luxury boutiques.
Shopping – St Maarten is a duty-free port offering anything from Italian leather goods and Japanese cameras to native crafts.
Forts – View the forts of Margiot bay, Fort Louis and Fort Amsterdam in Philipsburg.
Mahao Beach make sure you visit the Sunset Beach Bar to watch the airplanes landing feet above your head.

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Caribbean Honeymoons in St Martin & St Maarten

If you are looking for rest, relaxation, sunshine, beautiful beaches, good food, and a little bit of nightlife, then St Martin will tick the box for the perfect honeymoon. A choice of excellent accommodation and luxury service from boutique hotels and luxury villas.
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Getting Married in St Martin and St Maarten

weddings are possible however there are different legal requirements for both sides of the island. In St Martin, the laws are the same as France and at least one of the couple must have resided on the island for one month prior to the wedding and register the wedding at least 10 days before the wedding day.
On the Dutch side, St Maarten you can register your request to marry 14 days before the wedding day and residency is only a minimum of one week. The fees charged for the registration depend on which day you decide to marry and range from 102US to 204US.
Legal documents required – Birth Certificates, If divorced original Absolute, If adopted, Adoption certificate, if widowed, death certificate, if under 18 years of age written parental consent, change of name, Deed poll certificate, documents translated into French.
also required is a valid residency card, blood test and medical certificates as well as two witnesses for the day of the wedding.
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General information on St Martin & St Maarten

Local Currency – US Dollars throughout the island and of course Euros on the French side of St Martin.
Climate is an average of 24-28 degrees with the heaviest Rainfall July to November
Local Language is French and Dutch although English is widely spoken.
Entry Requirements – full passport and return ticket, no vaccinations are compulsory.
Time Zone GMT -4
Languages spoke English French Dutch
Currency Us Dollars and Euros
Visa requirements None for UK passport holders

For more information browse the official website for the Tourist Board