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Zanzibar was once the centre of the spice and slave trade in Africa but is now better know for it’s white beaches and crystal clear blue seas. The island offers itself as a relaxing destination with warm sunny days and beautiful accommodation ranging from small boutique hotels to all inclusive four and five star resorts. Twined with a safari in Kenya or Tanzania, Zanzibar makes the perfect beach destination. Old Stone town remains very much unchanged from it’s days of slave trading with its winding streets and high town houses, cobbled streets and dilapidated buildings. The coast line offers some of the best beaches in the Indian Ocean if not the world. However the beaches do vary around the island with the east coast offering coral and offshore sand banks whilst the North coast is not so good for swimming due to the tides at that end of the island.

What to do in Zanzibar
Zanzibar is a beach location offering long sunny days on white sands and clear blue water ideal for snorkelling and diving. Water sports are hugely popular in Zanzibar as is deep sea fishing and scuba diving. The capital of the island, Stone town is famously know for it’s spice and slave trading activities in past years. A great day for sight seeing with it’s winding streets and tall dilapidated town houses.
A visit to Jambiani Beach is a must for any beach lover as the palm fringed beach offers a great days sun bathing. However the sea on the east coast has high tides so it’s often hard to swim. A good tip is to get a fisherman to take you out to the reefs and snorkle from there rather than swim in the strong tides.
Seaweed Harvesting on the East Coast – Watch the local women collecting the sea weed on a daily basis when the tide has gone out. The collect the sea weed for hours to sell for a few cents.
Stone Town Market – A visit for the local spices and to marvel at the stalls selling various meet and fish.
Maruhubi Palace one of a few ruins that can be visited on the island, it was once owned by Sultan Said Bargash’s and built in 1880 to house his many wives. In 1889 it was ruined by a great fire and has since remained in ruins.
Slave MarketUnder the Omani rule of Zanzibar the slave trade flourished with slaves taken from the interior of Central Africa and marched to the coast where they were transfered to Zanzibar for to be sold to work in plantations in Zanzibar or taken to Oman for other work.

Getting married in Zanzibar
If you are looking for a wedding on a beach then Zanzibar ticks all the boxes with it’s white sand and crystal clear blue waters. There are many hotels offer wedding packages for weddings on the beach starting from £565 per couple. These wedding packages would include a decorated location, bridal bouquet, grooms button hole, sparkling wine and wedding cake, photographer and CD of wedding photos.
Legal requirements to Marry in Zanzibar
Legal age for marriage without parental consent is 18 years. Bride and Groom may not be related by blood, marriage or adoption. Two witnesses are required.
How long do I have to be resident in Zanzibar before I can get married?
You will need to be in Zanzibar for at least 2 working days before you can legally marry.
Your intent to marry must be posted for 21 days before you can exchange your vows.
You must send an application stating that you are both single and intend to marry to the Regional Commissioner, the marriage date, your full names, domiciles, birth dates and birthplaces of both sets of parents, You must both sign it and it must be notarised if you are having a civil ceremony.
Ten-year passports & 2 photocopies
Full birth certificates
Certificate of No Impediment
2 passport photos each
If you have been divorced then the final divorce papers must be shown.
If you are widowed then your previous marriage certificate and the death certificate of your previous spouse must be shown.
If you are having a religious ceremony you will need a letter from your church stating that you have followed the requirements of your church to get married and that banns have been posted in your home country..

Honeymoons in Zanzibar
There are many hotels to choose from for the perfect honeymoon destination in Zanzibar from 3 star all inclusive resorts such as the Mapenzi Beach Club too the luxury resort of Fundu Lagoon. Zanzibar is the perfect destination to twin with a safari in Kenya or Tanzania or to visit the Capital city Dar es Salaam.

Best time to go to Zanzibar
Thee driest time to visit Zanzibar is from June to October and the wettest months are April and May. The temperature is constant at 28 to 32 centigrade throughout the year.

Getting to Zanzibar
The flying time from London to Zanzibar is 9 and a half hours with flights either Dar es Salaam or Nairobi in Kenya. Zanzibar are 3 hours ahead of GMT and a visa is required for UK passport holders. Visitors to the area should also consult with their doctors for any injections that may be required.

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For more information on visiting Zanzibar, visit the Zanzibar tourist board at Zanzibar Tourist Board


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