India and Indian Ocean

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India and the Indian Ocean Holidays

The Indian Ocean as a destination appeals to all types of holidays from small children, large families to romantic couples looking for some quality time relaxing in on the beach. Add to this the vastness of India a country waiting for you to explore their development from the old to the new style India. Twin India with any of the islands in the Indian Ocean or visit India’s own beach destinations such as Kerala and Goa. The Indian sub-continent has so much to offer that you will just keep wanting to go back again and again.

The weather in the Indian Ocean is pretty much warm sunshine year round with the rain moving through the region at various times of the year. For example in the Maldives the dry season is very different depending on whether you are in the North of the islands or the south, but as a general rule, rainfall is more likely to happen between the months of May to November.But equally the diving can be at its best at these times of year too so just check with your chosen island what the weather is going to be like. or speak with on of our goeasy consultants for advice on the best time to go to the Indian Ocean.

There are many airlines that fly from the UK to the Indian Ocean, some direct and others indirect giving you the opportunity to visit another destination and experience the best of two countries. Maldives and Dubai are very popular giving a city stay with shopping and culture and the beaches in Maldives are perfect for relaxing and recharging your batteries.

Places in India and Indian Ocean

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