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Japan Holiday Options - GoEasy Travel Agent Basingstoke Hampshire

Japan Holiday Options

Japan is a very safe country to visit which makes it so popular. Add to that its wonderful culture and traditions and it is a truly unique experience for a holiday. The blends of Eastern and Western traditions, as well as new and old traditions, offer the visitor so many things to see and do. It is not just a city destination as the countryside offers mountains for walking in the summer months and skiing in the wintertime.

Best time to visit Japan

The best time to visit Japan depends on what you plan to do. Summer for the mountain walking and warmer climate, sunny days ended with a soak in hot springs. The hot spring experience is something to remember with same-sex baths with nothing but a flannel on your head!  The winter is best for the ski season with the softest, lightest powder you will ever find and with off-piste skiing now being permitted, it will be popular with those looking for something different.  ski season starts December until April.The Winter months are also a good time to visit the city when it is a little cooler.

Cherry blossom is also very popular in Springtime and one of the most expensive times to visit. Touching on prices, Japan is not the cheapest destination and daily budgets of 200USD per person are reasonable to allocate when touring in Japan.


Autumn brings with it forests of red and gold and some stunning vistas and Insta moments to capture.

For a price-sensitive holidays, the best time to visit is in the Autumn which are the month of October to November. This is low season and fewer people. Temperature can be chilly in the alps area but elsewhere temperatures are mild.

Tourism in Japan

Domestic tourism is popular so best to pre-book things you really want to do. Cherry blossom, wisteria   forest all Need rebooking

Driving in Japan is on the same side of the road as the U.K. and signs are in Japanese and English.

The best way to get around Japan is to use a rucksack for moving around in the day. For your suitcase, book a Luggage transfer service for internal travel and your luggage will move on ahead of you each day.

No visa required for Japan

bullet-train-Japan travel

Local food in Japan

Clients with dietary requirements must advise in advance of travel so that each of the accommodations can prepare meals to suit their tastes. It is not all raw fish and beef is very good as is part of the wagu family. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on a traditional tea ceremony when in Japan, it is something the just has to be done.


Something for everyone with budget and taste from small homestay experiences to large luxury hotel chains. Don’t miss out in a stay in a Ryokan. These rooms are unique to Japan offering a full board Japanese experience. Wooden floors with very little accommodation greet you on check in which are transformed for your evening meal and then bed.

ryokan Accommodation Japan

Post-Covid changes

Borders opening possibly Q4 or q1 of 2022 Cleaning Mask wearing is normal for Japan. Credit cards are in place for most cities but it is a cash-heavy country.  In more remote areas they have what they call, “Miujin Hanbai” which Is an honesty box way of taking money.

Japan has been busy developing ways to reduce touching since Covid and in hotels, you can open doors by using your mobile phone on an app you have downloaded from your confirmation. Pod hotels have become really popular, and they are just that a pod to get some shut-eye.

The toilet experience in Japan is probably a good reason for anyone that has gone hygiene mad post-Covid. You can choose from a combination of sprays, spritzes, and blow drys which deliver you the most refreshing toilet experience ever.

Outside of the major cities, wide-open spaces are a great attraction as well as Japan being a very safe country to visit.

Something to experience is the 7-minute miracle cleaning of a bullet train, seriously it is cleaned top to toe in just 7 minutes.

snow monkeys Japan

Japan Itineraries

Most of our holidays to Japan are uniquely individually tailor-made to accommodate our client’s desires of what they wish to see when visiting. There are some popular itineraries that are preorganized and hosted by group tour operators which we can also offer.

These are a few of what are on offer but there are so many options it is best to call and have a chat to find out one that suits you. Tel 01256 536020

Discover Japan – A 13-night itinerary visiting the Japanese Alps to the cultural centres of Takayama, Shirakawago and Kanazawa on this extensive tour of Japan. You will of course see modern Tokyo and beautiful Mt Fuji as well as historical Kyoto and Nara.

Japan Uncovered – Featuring modern cities, historical sights and beautiful landscapes, this itinerary ensures you get the most out of your trip to this fascinating land and includes the famous Snow Monkeys.

A Week in Japan – If you are short on time or not sure that it is really for you, consider this 1-week itinerary. Discover Japan’s essential highlights on this great-value tour. Explore the historical cities of Kyoto and Nara, be awestruck by the beauty of Mt Fuji and experience the bright lights of Tokyo and Osaka.

Japan by Rail – An all-encompassing journey through Japan, travelling mainly by bullet train and taking in the highlights of all three main islands: Kyushu, Honshu and Hokkaido. Experience ancient traditions and modern Japan’s unique charm.

Kanazawa japan-

New Japan Itinerary for 2021 is The Three-Star Road

5 place from 4 different prefectures


The oldest city with a hub of history culture and cuisine. A must-see in this city is Omicho which is a very famous fish market worth visiting with a guide.

If you are big into Samurai and Higashi they have Nomura Samurai House is worth a visit to experience this very Japanese tradition.  Also visit the original streets of Higashi Chayagai District for traditional tea Museum of modern art is worth a visit for some amazing displays of art Kenroku-en Garden beautiful all year round


UNESCO world heritage site along with Shirakawa-go with Gassho-styled houses and rice fields. A unique experience of the Japanese culture with home-cooked meals with special chefs Shirakawa-go Houses built with wood and ropes to secure the posts in place. Built around the rice fields Takayama traditional town with old merchant homes Edo-period architecture. Stay in a Ryokan with full board traditional beds with hot spring baths. Buddhist monetary option is also available as a stay experience.

Many quality breweries here for the Sake offering tastings in English with hot and cold options Takayama 4-15 April and 9-10 October beautiful festival

Gokayama Japan Unesco


Matsumoto small cosmopolitan on the edge of the alps known for its black castle Crow Castle best for winter and summer for skiing or hill walking Dario Wasabi Farm learn how it is grown and made and what you can use it in.


This is a popular resort in the Northern Japan Alps of Nagano Prefecture, offering some of Japan’s most spectacular mountain scenery. This is a popular nature trail open from April to November with some wonderful walks to experience.

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