Getting Married abroad? Don’t forget!

If you are getting married abroad you may want to check our list of things not to forget.  If you have booked your wedding abroad with a tour operator or a specialist weddings and honeymoon travel agent, hopefully, you will have been advised of the necessary documentation.

Weddings overseas are a great idea of combining a family event with a honeymoon and the actual wedding ceremony. Regulations on marrying abroad are different in each country and it is worth checking exactly what you need to do before travelling for your wedding.

Bride Groom Beach wedding


However if you are planning to organise everything yourself then here are just a few of the documents you may need to consider for a wedding abroad:

  • An affidavit from a Solicitor confirming that you are both free to marry
  • License fee
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Registration form
  • If applicable, a previous marriage certificate/decree absolute
  • If adopted, an adoption certificate
  • Death certificate if widowed
  • If under 18, a letter of consent from a parent or guardian
  • Proof required if you have changed your name by deed poll

Other tips you may want to consider for weddings abroad are:

  • When choosing your wedding attire, consider the climate of the destination you have selected. You may want to consider wearing a light floaty dress rather than a traditional, full-skirted design if having a wedding on the beach. You’ll feel and look much more comfortable in the heat.
  • We would also recommend that the groom wears a lightweight suit for weddings Abroad on the beach or just a shirt and lightweight trousers.
Thailand weddings

Weddings Abroad

  • Check with your Travel Agent how the airline will transport your wedding dress. Some airlines allow you to take your dress on as hand luggage, whilst others will only transport it in the hold of the plane.
  • If you are going to sunbathe before your wedding day, remember to protect your skin with a high factor cream. You don’t want to have red skin in your off the shoulder wedding dress at your wedding on a beach.
  • Purchase some insect repellent prior to departure. bites are so not a good look with an off the shoulder wedding dress.
  • Check that you’ve got something old, new, borrowed and blue

And finally


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