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December Bucket List Holidays Must do holidays to visit in December

December Bucket List holidays

December Bucket List holidays

Our 2021 December Bucket List holidays have some familiar destinations listed below.  If you are more interested in our planet than the latest luxury hotel the responsible travel is the way forward for you.  The world is an amazing place offering so many interesting destinations. Richard Attenborough stimulates our minds and tour operators respond.  One TV programme and demand rockets, with some parts of the world becoming a little more affordable each year.

Costa Rica

Jungle and beach are the regular parts of a Costa Rica itinerary. Perfect for honeymoon couples and great for families too. Accommodation to suit different budgets with some amazing adults-only retreats. Equally if traveling with family there are great family resorts with lots of nature-based activities. Think nature hunts, picnics on the beach. Or swinging from the trees.

December is a great month to visit as the heavy rains should have finished and the dry season starting. It is tropical so be prepared for rain at any time. That’s what keeps it lush.
Rainforest, nesting turtles, zip-lining through the forest are just a few things to see and do. Tree planting as a visitor is a unique experience. Helping the country to be the first carbon-neutral in the world. Read more on our touring Costa Rica blog

Costa Rica Sloths

The Galapagos Islands

These islands are home to a whole host of wildlife including the famous giant tortoises. For adults or children, these are a wonder to see and great selfie moment. Add to this Albatross, marine iguanas and red-footed or masked boobies. The surroundings are enthralling as is the snorkeling, beaches, flora, and fauna.
December offers great weather for taking time out at the beach. Thrilling day trips offer something different such as boat trips to mangroves and Flamingo colonies.

Galapagos Islands Crab

Expedition cruises – December Bucket List Holidays

These cruises are on the increase and why not. Visit the North and South Pole while you still can!  In our winter months, Antarctica the South Pole is the perfect time to visit, particularly if it is Penguins that fascinate you.  This is home for penguins seals and killer whales.  The best time to visit is November to March when most of the wildlife is active and benefit from the 24 hours light.

If you like your creature comforts and luxury hotels this type of holiday is still for you as the cruise ships just got a whole lot more interesting.  Polar cruising is no longer a rough type of holiday as there are new luxury expeditions ships in this market. Think including Zodiacs, kayaks, e-bikes, helicopters, and a submarine. These added vehicles onboard are to take you up close and personal exploring the lands and seas of this amazing part of the world. It really makes it an adventure of a lifetime.

Antartica South Pole

South Africa

Safari camps in the Kruger area experience more rain in December making game viewing more difficult. However, it’s not impossible and the more private game reserve the better chance of seeing the Big 5. 

If you are looking to explore and sightsee then consider Cape Town, South Africa for a city break. Why not tag on an escorted tour or self-drive option to the Winelands and garden route for a little more variety.  The golf courses in the Cape area are stunning and such a choice available, you will struggle to decide. Read our blog on our top golf courses in Stellenbosch.

The southern Cape is excellent for game viewing this time of year as dry and hot. Malaria-free so no need for tablets and just off the garden route.
Two nights are perfect for a taste of African game driving. The more expensive the more extras and added luxuries. Fine dining and petal-filled baths.

Day trips are also good for a quick animal fix. These tend to be on more for the mass market with jeeps taking up to 10 people. You still get up close to the animals but not as intimate as a private game reserve. However, for a first-time experience, these reserves offer a fantastic opportunity to experience the wild.

New game reserves appearing offer game experiences with non-predators. This is perfect for the animal lover not wanting to see a kill. 

Honeymoon Safari Nairobi GiraffeDo Do you know why Giraffes have long eyelashes?
To protect their eyes from the thorns of the acacia tree that they eat. Another interesting fact about the acacia tree is that it only lets the giraffe eat for a matter of minutes. It then releases tannins that are sour to taste and stops the giraffe from eating more.

Australia – December Bucket List Holidays

No Bucket list is incomplete without a visit to Australia! Choose the West Coast for guaranteed sunshine and warm sunny days. Visit the beautiful city of Perth and head out into the Winelands or up to the Ningaloo reef for some freshwater diving. Swim alongside humpbacks and whale sharks as well as snorkeling the longest coral reef of 162 miles long. Head East coast for sightseeing and exploring the Great Barrier Reef. Sydney is the main attraction this time of year with the opportunity to see in the New Year before anyone else!

Of course, Australia is home to many different and varied animals including the famous Kangaroo and Koalas. Other animals unique to Australia are wallabies, wombats, the dingo, numbat, quoll, platypus and the Tasmanian devil! The list is endless and for more information on all the animals in Australia take a read of the Australian Tourist site.

Australia Koala bears

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